Artist of the Month: Patricia Reilly

Artist of the Month - Pat Reilly

Patricia Reilly shows her featured painting entitled “Best Friends.” It depicts her grandson and his dog at a lake in Northern Michigan.


Patricia Reilly of Bangor is the July Artist of the Month at Dunmore Activity Hub. Her featured painting is of her grandson, Damian, and his dog, shown vacationing in Northern Michigan. Titled “Best Friends,” is shows them looking out at the lake from their pontoon, enjoying a quiet and peaceful moment.

Patricia started painting over 40 years ago.

“I took time out to raise my family, then six years ago my husband and I, who are now retired, joined the group of artists at the Dunmore Activity Hub,” she says. Her ideas come from things she sees in her family and friends.

“Joining the art class was, for me, the beginning of learning new techniques in oils, placement of the subject, using the proper brushes,” she explains. “We are taught by Jill Swersie.  She has given us guidance and encouragement to become the painters that we are. I have made so many new friends with the same interests as myself.”

“The Hub offers seniors a place to gather, meet new friends, experience new activities and brings for some a new meaning to life. Thank you, Dunmore Activity Hub!”


Dunmore seniors gearing up for New Year at the Hub

By Steve Svetovich

It was a successful year in 2015 for the Dunmore Activity Hub and Cafe and now members are gearing up for the New Year.

Jeanne Hugenbruch, is executive director of the Dunmore Activity Hub and Cafe for Seniors, 1414 Monroe Ave., Dunmore.

“We hope everyone stays warm this January and joins us at the Hub for our many programs,” said Hugenbruch.

Members of the Dunmore Activity Hub and Cafe celebrated Older Driver Awareness Week with a special Yellow Dot Program provided by PennDot on Wednesday, Dec. 2. Those who came to the program were able to obtain needed information to keep safe and in the driver’s seat, said Hugenbruch.

The Dunmore Activity Hub and Cafe’s annual Christmas party was held Friday, Dec. 11. There was great food and musical entertainment. Everyone in attendance joined in for some singing and good old fashioned fun. It was once again a success.

The Dunmore Activity Hub and Cafe was closed Christmas Eve and Christmas, so that all members could celebrate Christmas with their families.

Hugenbruch last month started offering classes about Facebook at the Dunmore Activity Hub. The classes were held for anyone interested in learning more about Facebook. “We learn how to safely use this social media phenomena and how to follow us there for more updates about the Hub,” said Hugenbruch.

Hugenbruch said there is an activity sign up sheet in the Dunmore Activity Hub monthly newsletter. “Check out the sign-up sheet,” she said. “With enough interest there will be new classes held. It will be a lot of fun.”

A free non-fasting Glucose Screening was held Tuesday, Dec. 29, at the Dunmore Activity Hub.

Tracy Borgna is the new cook at the Dunmore Activity Hub and Cafe.

“Tracy is here cooking every day from scratch and serving up wonderful homemade meals,” said Hugenbruch. “Come on in and say hello.”

The Celebration of Life Series continues to be held the last Wednesday of each month at 12:30 p.m. in the Dunmore Activity Hub and Cafe.

Other activities and programs at the Dunmore Activity Hub and Cafe include reminisce group, chair exercises, beginner’s ukulele, bible study group, speakers, tai chi, Mahjongg, craft group, sketching, ballroom dancing, oil painting, pinochle, chorus and comedy troupe, Stretchin’ with Gretchen, bingo and yoga.

New classes members can sign up for include Brain Games Thursdays at 10 a.m.; Learn to Write Poetry Tuesdays at 10 a.m.; Laughter is the Best Medicine Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m.; and Book of the Month Club on Mondays when the Bookmobile comes to the Hub. Call 570-207-2662 for more details.

A 2016 membership is $12 for an individual renewal or $15 for a new individual. The cost for a couple renewal is $18 or a new couple membership is $25.

Beginning this month, all classes will offer discounts for members. Anyone not renewing their membership by March 1, will be removed from the mailing list.

Membership discounts are $8 classes for non members, $5 for members, or $5 for non members, $3 for members. Discounts on special events will also apply as well as contests in the newsletter throughout the year, said Hugenbruch.

All proceeds from this and other fundraisers held by the Dunmore Activity Hub for Seniors help benefit programs held on site, said Hugenbruch.

“We thank everyone for their support throughout the year.”

Shirley Martinelli is reservationist at the Dunmore Activity Hub and Cafe. Carol Angerson is lead volunteer. Lottie Collins is site council president. Tracy Borgna is kitchen coordinator.

Dunmore Seniors Activity Hub

By Steve Svetovich

The Dunmore Activity Hub for Seniors, located at 1414 Monroe Avenue in Dunmore, is busy as ever.

A Chicken and Biscuit Dinner was held Thursday, Oct. 29. There were numerous homemade sides included, and bottled water, hot coffee and hot tea was served. There was also a raffle with a Christmas gift basket, a baby quilt and various gift certificates as the prizes.

The Dunmore Activity Hub presented Barrymore’s Ghost as part of its Celebration of Life Series at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 28. The event cost was only $5 for senior members and $8 for non-members, and that price included homemade a soup and sandwich.

Barrymore’s Ghost, written by Jason Miller, is a dramatic reading featuring Robert Thomas as John Barrymore. The play is a one-man-show that spotlights the life of legendary actor John Barrymore in a unique theatrical manner. Barrymore is presented as a ghost, haunting an unknown theatre. Those in attendance watched a mythological character explore the truths and deceptions of his extraordinary life.

Jeanne K. Hugenbruch, executive director of the Dunmore Activity Hub for Seniors, is looking forward to the upcoming events that are scheduled.

“Welcome to fall,” Hugenbruch said. “A lot is happening and coming up. We hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and joins us for coming programs and activities at the Hub.”

Other events that were hosted last month included a free screening of the video documentary Cyber-Seniors and a demonstration of low impact exercises by representatives from Traditional Home Health.

Hugenbruch said pinochle is now played by the seniors at the Hub every Wednesday after lunch. A Chorus and Comedy Troupe has also been formed at the Hub.

An Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser Breakfast was held Saturday, Oct. 17, at the Applebee’s located at 74 Viewmont Mall in Scranton, to support the Dunmore Activity Hub for Seniors.

Other activities at the Hub include bingo, volunteer time, sketching, ballroom dancing, oil painting, Wii brain academy, bowling, Stretchin’ with Gretchen, chair exercise, blood pressure screenings, crafts, big bingo, bible study group, speakers, yoga and bingo and a Danish.

Shirley Martinelli is reservationist at the Dunmore Activity Hub and Cafe. Lottie Collins is site council president. Carol Angerson is lead volunteer. Tracy Borgna is kitchen coordinator.

Lou Pacciotti is president of the Board of Directors. Todd LaBelle is first vice president. Atty. Brenda Colbert, Esquire, is second vice president. Joe Loftus is treasurer. Gerry Skettino is secretary. Tom Jimmie is past president.

Other members of the Board of Directors include Jeanne Phillips, Paula Scotchlas, Dr. Alice McDonnell, Santo Cancelleri, Joseph Trotta, John A. Bouselli, Alison Boga, Al Lawrence and Atty. Brian Cali, Esquire. Louis DeNaples is an honorary member. Hugenbruch is also a member of the Board.

For more information on the Dunmore Activity Hub for Seniors and its programs, please call (570)207-2662. You can also contact through fax at (570)207-2640 or through email at