Artist of the Month: Maria Ragnacci

Artist of the Month Maria Ragnacci,jpgMaria  E. Ragnacci, the Dunmore Activity Hub Artist of the Month for August,  is an accomplished artist, as her displayed works testify.

Regarding one of  her featured paintings, “The Lady in Red,” she says, “I loved the colors, subject and motion in this painting.”

“I first started painting 40 years ago, for a short period of time, then took a break when I began raising a family of my own.  When I retired six years ago, I started painting again at the Dunmore Activity Hub.”

Maria explains that most of her paintings are from photos she has taken, from places she’s been, or from the collection of pictures provided by her teacher, Jill Swersie.

“ Our class is as much about friendships as it is about learning and improving our painting skills,” Maria points out. “The center is a place that makes everyone feel welcome.  It is a real treasure in Dunmore. There are so many activities that are available to all.”

Maria’s paintings and those of her colleagues will be on display October 6 and 7 at an art show at The Dunmore Community Center.  The public is encouraged to attend.


Artist of the Month: Patricia Reilly

Artist of the Month - Pat Reilly

Patricia Reilly shows her featured painting entitled “Best Friends.” It depicts her grandson and his dog at a lake in Northern Michigan.


Patricia Reilly of Bangor is the July Artist of the Month at Dunmore Activity Hub. Her featured painting is of her grandson, Damian, and his dog, shown vacationing in Northern Michigan. Titled “Best Friends,” is shows them looking out at the lake from their pontoon, enjoying a quiet and peaceful moment.

Patricia started painting over 40 years ago.

“I took time out to raise my family, then six years ago my husband and I, who are now retired, joined the group of artists at the Dunmore Activity Hub,” she says. Her ideas come from things she sees in her family and friends.

“Joining the art class was, for me, the beginning of learning new techniques in oils, placement of the subject, using the proper brushes,” she explains. “We are taught by Jill Swersie.  She has given us guidance and encouragement to become the painters that we are. I have made so many new friends with the same interests as myself.”

“The Hub offers seniors a place to gather, meet new friends, experience new activities and brings for some a new meaning to life. Thank you, Dunmore Activity Hub!”


Artist of the Month: Dolores Noll

doloresDolores Dominick-Noll of Scott Township has been name Artist of the Month at the Dunmore Activity Hub.

Her featured painting is titled “Homestead,” and depicts the home where her children grew up. Her daughter and her family now reside in the home.

Dolores began painting about five or six years ago at the Dunmore Activity Center.

“I had never painted before and didn’t think I had any talent in that direction,” Dolores explains. “I’m still very much an amateur, but Jill Swerzie, our instructor, has prodded me along.”

Dolores says the other class member are very supportive and friendly. “It’s a joy to be there,” she

adds. “As well as having a wonderful teacher, I have learned a lot from my fellow students.”


“Homestead” depicts Artist of the Month Dolores Noll’s childhood home.

As far as inspiration, the artists says her paintings are very personal. “I have painted the houses of several members of my family and friends, as well as landscapes,” she reveals. “But I still have not mastered faces.”

Mrs. Dominick-Noll finds the Hub welcoming and accommodating to everyone’s needs. “In addition to hosting our classes, the space is made available for our parties and exhibits, and there is plenty of parking,” she points out.