Artist of the Month: Lucille Banick

Lucille Banick is shown with some of her paintings. Her preferred subjects are animals and landscapes. Shown here are a variety, including an owl, autumn scene, and floral still life.

The Dunmorean is responsible for Lucille Banick signing up for painting classes at the Dunmore Senior Center.  Prior to this class, her only art experience was in school and a brief, four week community course she took years ago. 

This is her fourth year painting with the Dunmore group.  Besides the artistic benefits, she enjoys the comraderie of the other students and learning from them as she visits and observes them during the class.   

“I miss not going to art class during this quarantine, and seeing Jill Swersie, our instructor, and the other artists,” she states, and mentions that she values Jill’s advice on “color, technique, and design.”  

Although Lucille’s preferred subjects are animals and scenery, during this quarantine she has channeled her energy and talent into touching up old paintings, frames, and yard décor.  She loves and enjoys the art group and the relationships forged there.  

“At home, I don’t paint as much, but recently reviewed and organized my finished art,” Lucille says. “I made 8”x10” copies of some of my paintings and will frame these as gifts for the holiday season. I am so glad to have learned painting at the Center!” 

Artist of the Month: Pat Orr

The Dunmore Senior painting group has been very fortunate to have Pat Orr join us from Greentown.  “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night,” like the letter carriers, she consistently traveled to paint with our class and entertain us with her stories.

An accomplished artist, Pat started painting in high school and continued studying art throughout her life. She joined the Painting Group at the Dunmore Hub in 2016 and has so enjoyed “the comradery and support” of the group. 

Pat feels that, “Jill Swersie, our instructor is a very talented artist and wonderful teacher…Jill is a good friend to all of us.”

She enjoys painting her family, especially her grandchildren. Her featured painting: “Ocean City,” is of two of her granddaughters, who are sisters, on a family vacation.  

“The Activity Hub provides us a warm and welcoming environment to grow artistically.  We even have an art show there each year.”

The art class is saddened that Pat will soon be leaving us to move to Connecticut, closer to her family, and wish her much happiness with her move.

Artist of the Month: Phyllis Reinhardt

Phyllis Reinhardt is shown with her most recent paintings.

By Phyllis Reinhardt

First, I want to tell all my fellow art students, “I really miss not seeing you and watching the progress in painting we make weekly.”  

I started sketching in the beginning of our stay-at-home mode in March. Jill Swersie, our painting instructor at the Dunmore Community Center, would have been be so proud if I had continued, but I did not.

I did work on the painting in front of me on the ground. This painting was to reflect a spring sunrise over the mountain as viewed from my sunroom window. This  photo was taken in March, with no leaves on the trees. Consequently the painting looked more like autumn.  So, this was my only artistic exercise during our “lock-down.”

As you can see from the updated painting, adding leaves and flowers created the “Spring Sunrise Viewed from My Sunroom Window”.  The painting I am holding also illustrates using your home as a subject to paint.  So, I am really looking forward to resuming classes with Jill and all us students.