Artist of the Month: Ruth Boyles


Ruth Boyles is shown with her large lily painting.

By Ruth Boyles

I started painting at the Dunmore Activity Center about five years ago. Before this time my drawings were stick figures.

I have always been interested in many kinds of artistic things.  My mom, who was a gifted crocheter and embroiderer, tried to encourage me in crocheting and I did cross stitching and knitting, and eventually I did crochet an afghan blanket.  

I felt there was an artist inside me that just needed to be taught how.  Dave Smith, a friend from my church who is a wonderful artist, invited me to come to the class at the center. That was about 25 paintings ago.

Jill Swersie has been a wonderful teacher.  She has been a great help–as we work on our paintings, she will ask what we are desiring to do and then help us to get that particular effect.  

Jill has also taught us in sketch class how to use various other mediums such as charcoal, pastels, watercolors and acrylics painting on various surfaces.  We have even dabbled in clay sculptures with her leadership.

We have a great time visiting with each other, too, and have developed some lasting friendships with the men and women in the class. We also learn different techniques from each other regarding our painting.

I especially enjoy painting buildings, barns, lighthouses and winter scenes which I will make into Christmas cards. I have donated a painting for a fund-raiser but often give my paintings away to those I know will enjoy them.  

I have a few hanging in my home.  It’s fun to look back on the first ones and compare to where I am now.  Many of the folks I paint with have sold their paintings in various shows and First Friday events here in Scranton.  We have also taken part in plein air painting events.

Artist of the Month: Joe Bartos

Artist Joe Bartos

Joe Bartos, February Artist of the Month at Dunmore Activity Hub, poses with some of unique creations.

Dunmorean Joe Bartos is the Artist of the Month at the Dunmore Activity Hub for February.

Bartos’ oil paintings are diverse, warm, and colorful.  He enjoys painting people, places, and natural beauty.

His featured paintings arec include “El Torro”, “Hallmark Lovers”, “Pink Lady”, and “Walkin’ in the Rain”.

Joe has been painting since 2006, and joined the painting class at the Dunmore Senior Center in 2008.  

He has learned a great deal in the class and enjoys the socialization, particularly the annual summer picnic and the Christmas Party.  His paintings are regularly exhibited at the Senior Center’s onsite art show and in its First Friday displays.

Joe’s specialties include lifelike realism and special effects.  

“The richer and brighter the painting, the better,” is his philosophy.

For information on the center and art classes taught by Jill Swersie contact: Alison Boga, Executive Director, 207-2662 ext. 2.

Artist of the Month: Patricia Orr

Artist Pat Orr Pix

Patricia Orr is shown with her featured paintings entitled “Sarah.” She most enjoys painting portraits of her eight granddaughters.

Patricia Orr of Greentown has been named the Artist of the Month for May at the Dunmore Activity Hub. Mrs. Orr, who began painting while she was in high school, joined the painting group in February of 2016.

Her featured painting is entitled “Sarah,” and depicts her now six-year-old granddaughter when she was four years old. In fact, Mrs. Orr finds most of her inspiration for painting from her eight granddaughters.

“The oil painting class at Dunmore Senior Center has a wonderful, warm and friendly atmosphere,” Mrs. Orr explains. “That warmth encourages creativity.”

She adds that the center itself has much to offer to seniors, “Pretty much something for everyone.”