About Us

The Dunmorean is a monthly newspaper focused on the happenings and in around Dunmore, Pennsylvania. Editions of the paper are published online and in print on the first Wednesday of every month.
The Dunmorean and its online edition are both published on the first Wednesday of every month.Unless otherwise noted, deadline for copy is always the Wednesday before we publish.

Where can I find the Dunmorean?


Any stories and photographs published by the Dunmorean can be found either online or in our print edition. Print copies of the Dunmorean are distributed to various businesses across the borough, including but not limited to:

Azzarelli’s Market
Boulevard Diner
Bucktown Diner
Century Dental in Throop
CMC Geisinger
Commonwealth Hospital
Cordaro’s Market
CVS Pharmacy
Czulada Chiropractic
Dunmore Civic Center
Dunmore Pharmacy
Fast Lane Convenient Mart
Fidelity Bank (Dunmore Corners, O’Neill Highway and Green Ridge locations)
First National Community Bank
Green Ridge Library
Honky Tonk Restaurant
Joe’s Quik Mart
La Cucina Restaurant
Leonard’s Pharmacy
Mineo’s Beer Outlet
Moses Taylor Hospital
Nardozzi’s Pizza
NBT Bank
Pizza Hut
Ragnacci’s Restaurant
Riccardo’s Market
Steve’s Corner Café
Stirna’s Restaurant
UPS Store
Varsity Pit Stop

If you have any story ideas or suggestions for us, or if you’re interested in advertising in our publication, shoot an email our way at dpi22news@gmail.com.


The Dunmorean is published monthly by Dunmore Publishing, Inc., 1175 Morel St., Scranton, PA 18509. We accept press releases, articles, poetry, and photographs by electronic mail only to dpi22news@gmail.com.

Shoot us an email. Give us a call.

Editor and Publisher: Maureen Hart

Online Editor: Emily Gerchman

Email: dpi22news@gmail.com

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    • Hi Lou. Overall, the print and online editions are identical. Their designs are different, but the content posted is the same. Occasionally, some online exclusive pieces are posted when we have more strong pieces than space in our print edition. If there’s something specific you’re inquiring about, please clarify so we can better answer you question!

    • Hi Jim. All of the stories that were in that issue are available online. As far as paper copies go, I’m not sure, but I can check. If anything we may have extra, and if we do, we can arrange for you to pick one up.

  1. Does anyone there know how to get in touch with Dunmore Hometown heros? And could you do a story on them. I’m sure a lot of your readers would be interested.

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