Meet Your New Miss Buck: Mariana Leo

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Photo courtesy of Rich Banick Photography ©

By Steve Svetovich

Mariana Leo envisions herself as making a difference in the lives of children.

But in the meantime she looks forward to her senior year at Dunmore High School when she represents her school as Miss Buck.

Daughter of Mario and Lisa Leo, Dunmore, Mariana, 17, said she is honored to be selected as Miss Buck. 

“I was very excited, but a little nervous when I heard the news,” she said. “I can’t wait to represent my school. I really want to be involved in a lot of activities this year.”

Mariana said she would like to study Education and become a middle school teacher. She would like to study at West Chester University or Philadelphia University. 

“My goal is to become a middle school teacher and make an impact on as many children’s lives as possible. I want to be able to help a child day to day. I want to help teach a child they can do anything.”

Mariana is an honor student at Dunmore High School. She has a 91 academic average and is a member of the French Club. Her favorite academic subject is English. 

Mariana likes to ski and travel. She played three years for the Dunmore volleyball team and was a basketball cheerleader for two years.

Humble in nature, Mariana spends a good deal of her spare time doing volunteer work. She volunteers for the NEPA Youth Shelter Program, a homeless shelter for local teens.

Mariana also does volunteer work for Tomorrow Leaders of Today (TLT).

She keeps herself even busier by working at Montage Mountain and the Dunmore Community Center. She is spending her summer working for the borough of Dunmore as a camp counselor at Sherwood Park. 

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Photo courtesy of Rich Banick Photography ©

Very polite and soft spoken, Mariana said her parents are always in her corner.

“They taught me to always work hard and be on time. They tell me to stay committed to what I choose to do. They tell me I can achieve my dreams. They always support my dreams and career path.”

Mariana said she enjoys music and would like to see Ariana Grande in concert. She talked about her goals for the upcoming school year as Miss Buck.

“I want to be able to impact a lot of children. I want to be a good example and represent Dunmore High School and the community well.”

Mariana is exuberant when she speaks of her experience at Dunmore High School.

“It is a great experience. I am learning so much. I am really sad this is my last year. There have been a lot of memories and moments and I want to be part of more of them. Everyone is so friendly here. I love it.” 

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