Doin’ Dunmore: A Little Princess with a Purpose

Doin Dunmore - Avery Shivock 1By Steve Svetovich

Three-year old Avery Schivock is a little princess with a purpose.

Wearing her “princess dress” for the occasion, the Dunmore preschooler has an unusual hobby for her age.

And she is not afraid of getting her hands dirty.

Daughter of Stephanie and Christopher Schivock, Avery picks up cigarette butts in her Dunmore Sherwood Park neighborhood on a weekly basis.

Her mom explained. “My husband and I were looking for something to do during the pandemic,” she said. “So to get some fresh air and exercise, we started walking around our neighborhood by Sherwood Park with Avery and our one-year-old son, Mason. We started picking up cigarette butts for recycling and to help clean up the area. Well, Avery especially loved doing it and knows it is for a good cause. We’ve been going every week since April and she loves it.

“Avery likes to get out and make a difference. We are a very eco-friendly family. Avery understands the cigarette butts are going to help our environment. We put them in a canister and send them off.

“Initially, our daughter wore a princess dress while we took our walk and she collected the cigarette butts. Now she always has to wear a princess dress while searching for the butts.

Doin Dunmore - Avery Shivock 2“Now she looks for different colors and understands she is helping the Earth while collecting the different cigarette butts.

“She practices good safety habits. Avery wears gloves when she picks up the butts and places them in a can.

“The cigarette butts are filtered during the recycling process and even used for park benches and pallets.

“Our son Mason is still in the learning stages, but Avery is becoming an expert at this now. She loves it because she knows this is making the earth a better place for everybody.”

Avery attends preschool at the Greater Scranton YMCA in Dunmore.

Avery’s mom said the cigarette butts are placed in a container and sent to Terracycle, located in New Jersey.

“They have recycling programs for everything you can imagine,” she said. “Some are free, some are not. 

“Our family recycles k-cups, plates, plastic utensils, fast food cups, straws, chip bags, cellophane wrappers, Gerber baby food cans, and other items in addition to the cigarette butts for Terracycle.

Doin Dunmore - Avery Shivock 3“We also recycle foam, electronics and clothing for local facilities.

“We are very proud that a family of four, with a little one in diapers, make less than a single kitchen bag of garbage a week. 

“Avery has been helping us since she was old enough to carry the bottles to the recycling can on the porch.”

Stephanie and Christopher both graduated from Bishop O’Hara High School in Dunmore. Stephanie graduated from Marywood University and is a proud stay-at-home mom. Her husband was in the United States Coast Guard Academy, served 10 years of active duty and now is a GIS specialist for Rutgers University Marine and Coastal Sciences Department.

Keystone UNICO Members Take Part in Dunmore Summer Festival

Dunmore’s Keystone UNICO was present with its tent at the recent Sherwood Park Summer Festival. The festival raises funds for the Sherwood Youth Association, which keeps the park pristine and gives Dunmore’s youth a safe place to play throughout the year.

Carl Yanowski, Mary Lou Karliak, Elaine Ruchak, Cathy Van Nort and Louise Passarella worked the Instant Bingo Tent.

Working the Basket Raffle on Thursday were Tom Carlucci, Val Riggi, Michele McDade, Katherine Barnansky and Marie Burke.

Mary Lou Karliak, Nancy Angeloni, Cathy Bianchi, Cathy Gerard, Tom Carlucci and Val Riggi took the reigns on Friday.

Kevin Cicci, Beverly Shea, Ann Summa, Gloria Rizzo, Sandy Graziano and Mark McDade, Ed Faatz, Dee Dee Faatz, Louise Ligi, Sharon Gombita, and Frank Cicci were also involved in the weekend’s festivities.


7th Annual Dunmore Summer Festival Kicks off August 15th


Members of the Sherwood Youth Association invite the community to attend the 7th  annual Dunmore Summer Festival. It runs August 15 16 and 17 from 5 to 11 p.m. each evening.

By Emily Fedor 

Get ready for some great food, a whole lot of fun and (fingers crossed) some beautiful weather. The Dunmore Summer Festival at Sherwood Park is set for next Thursday August 15 through Saturday August 17. It will run from 5 to 11 p.m. each evening.

2019 marks the seventh year for the popular summer event, hosted by members of the Sherwood Youth Association.

“We have been working diligently for months to make this year’s event a success, just like it has been in years past,” said Sherwood Youth Association President Matt Fedor.

Many people come out to summer festivals such as this one for one of two reasons. The first is to score some delicious food.

This year’s menu is jam packed with tons of delicious options including porketta, halushki, sausage and peppers, clams, wing bites and, last but not least, potato pancakes – the best seller by a mile.

And when you’re ready to grab some dessert, there will be a freshly fried pizza frita smothered in sugar ready with your name on it.

The second main reason folks flock to the summer festival at Sherwood Park is to enjoy some quality entertainment.

Cheerleaders from Holy Cross High School will kick things off Thursday night.

On Friday, the Wanna Bees are set to perform. Cheerleaders and marching units from Dunmore High School will also be on hand, and Mariana Leo is expected to make one of her first public appearances as the 2019-2020 Miss Buck.

Gymnasts from the United Sports Academy and the Ron Morgan Band will close out the festival Saturday night.

And with everything on tap from face painting to bounce houses — there will be plenty of fun in store for the kiddos.

As always, any money brought in from the annual event will go towards maintaining and up-keeping the park.

“The Sherwood Youth Association appreciates the continued support from the community,” said Fedor.  “It helps us to further improve our grounds and facilities and, most importantly, help keep the children playing.”