Meet Miss Buck: Danielle Decker

By Steve Svetovich

Dunmore senior Danielle Decker looks forward to taking on the role as Miss Buck this coming school year.

“I look forward to representing Dunmore High School as Miss Buck,” she said. 

“I will respect the honor of being Miss Buck by helping the kids in the community, my classmates, and being there for everyone in the school.”

Daughter of Joseph and Evelyn Decker, Danielle, 17, has a 3.2 academic average. Her best subject is math. She hopes to study nursing at Wilkes University in the fall of 2022.

“I was honestly shocked, honored, and excited all at the same time when I heard the news about being named Miss Buck,” said Danielle. “To me this is a huge honor to represent my class and Dunmore High School as Miss Buck. It is going to be great to be a role model for younger kids.”

Danielle keeps busy with a variety of clubs at Dunmore High School. She is a member of the marching band, art club, book club, chorus, drama club, health careers club, and yearbook staff. 

She has three older sisters are Mary, Jessica and Amy and a brother, Christopher.

The aspiring nurse talked about her goals as a Dunmore senior. “I want to live my senior life to the fullest and do as much as I can,” she said. “I p recruit more twirlers to get into the district band. I want to be kind to and enjoy my friends and family. And I want to represent and honor the title of Miss Buck and be a strong role model to the younger kids.

“I am so honored and cannot wait for this senior year. Dunmore High School is amazing, especially the teachers and students.”

The new Miss Buck talked about her future aspirations. “I want to become a registered nurse and help people with health problems like my dad who has a heart condition, diabetes, and an amputated foot. That is my future goal. I would love to be able to help someone like my dad.”

Danielle said she enjoys music and would like to see Avirl Levine, an alternative rock artist, in concert.

She said her parents taught her so much. “My parents told me you cannot judge a book by its cover. Always respect people. They told me to always respect people’s boundaries. Be kind to everyone because you don’t know what they are going through.”

Dunmorean of the Month: Isabella Zeller

Dunmorean Miss Buck

By Steve Svetovich

Inspiring children and helping those in need are Dunmore senior Isabella Zeller’s goals in representing her school in 2020-21 as Miss Buck.

Daughter of Aimee and Larry Zeller, Dunmore, the new Miss Buck of Dunmore High School was humble, but excited when she learned about her new role as a senior.

“I am so excited to be able to serve as a role model for younger children,” she said. She is also following in the footsteps of her mother who served as Miss Buck during the 1994-95 season.

Isabella, 17, is an honor student with a 3.3 academic average at Dunmore. She is a member of the French Club, TACT and has been a basketball cheerleader for the past eight years, serving as co-captain this year.. She is a three-year member of the Dunmore tennis team.

Isabella, modest in nature, said her best academic subject is English. She wants to study Elementary and Special Education at West Chester University after she graduates from Dunmore in 2021.

Dunmorean Miss Buck 2She talked about her goals as Miss Buck. “I want to inspire young children and be a good role model. I hope to inspire young children to be twirlers. I want to help those in need.”

And her future goals? “I want to go to West Chester and become a special education teacher. I want to help young children with special needs.”

Isabella said she loves twirling and learned to twirl under the direction of the prominent Sherry Rubino Nicolais, Dunmore. She has been a twirler for the past 10 years. 

The Dunmore senior said her parents taught her well. “My parents always taught me to be kind to those in need.”

Isabella’s number one mentor in life is her grandpa, Thomas Carr. “My grandpa has always been a very hard worker,” she said, “He teaches me to never give up on anything. I learned about the value of hard work from him. He is retired, but worked for Dunmore Roofing and drove for UPS. He worked hard for everything he has in life.”

Isabella said she kept busy during the COVID-19 pandemic by practicing to become Miss Buck and preparing for the upcoming season.

She is proud to represent Dunmore High School as Miss Buck. “Dunmore High School has provided me with lifelong friends,” she said. “The bond you make with your classmates here is so incredibly strong and unbreakable. Dunmore has made me the person I am today.”

Isabella is an active participant in “Tomorrow’s Leaders of Today.” Her favorite musical artist is Harry Styles. “I like him because he treats people with kindness,” she said.

“I am really looking forward to my senior year and beyond,” she said. “I want to be a good role model for my school and set a good example for young children. I have great classmates and friends here at Dunmore. It is just a great experience.” 

Meet Your New Miss Buck: Mariana Leo

Miss Buck 1

Photo courtesy of Rich Banick Photography ©

By Steve Svetovich

Mariana Leo envisions herself as making a difference in the lives of children.

But in the meantime she looks forward to her senior year at Dunmore High School when she represents her school as Miss Buck.

Daughter of Mario and Lisa Leo, Dunmore, Mariana, 17, said she is honored to be selected as Miss Buck. 

“I was very excited, but a little nervous when I heard the news,” she said. “I can’t wait to represent my school. I really want to be involved in a lot of activities this year.”

Mariana said she would like to study Education and become a middle school teacher. She would like to study at West Chester University or Philadelphia University. 

“My goal is to become a middle school teacher and make an impact on as many children’s lives as possible. I want to be able to help a child day to day. I want to help teach a child they can do anything.”

Mariana is an honor student at Dunmore High School. She has a 91 academic average and is a member of the French Club. Her favorite academic subject is English. 

Mariana likes to ski and travel. She played three years for the Dunmore volleyball team and was a basketball cheerleader for two years.

Humble in nature, Mariana spends a good deal of her spare time doing volunteer work. She volunteers for the NEPA Youth Shelter Program, a homeless shelter for local teens.

Mariana also does volunteer work for Tomorrow Leaders of Today (TLT).

She keeps herself even busier by working at Montage Mountain and the Dunmore Community Center. She is spending her summer working for the borough of Dunmore as a camp counselor at Sherwood Park. 

Miss Buck 2

Photo courtesy of Rich Banick Photography ©

Very polite and soft spoken, Mariana said her parents are always in her corner.

“They taught me to always work hard and be on time. They tell me to stay committed to what I choose to do. They tell me I can achieve my dreams. They always support my dreams and career path.”

Mariana said she enjoys music and would like to see Ariana Grande in concert. She talked about her goals for the upcoming school year as Miss Buck.

“I want to be able to impact a lot of children. I want to be a good example and represent Dunmore High School and the community well.”

Mariana is exuberant when she speaks of her experience at Dunmore High School.

“It is a great experience. I am learning so much. I am really sad this is my last year. There have been a lot of memories and moments and I want to be part of more of them. Everyone is so friendly here. I love it.”