Artist of the Month: Joe Bartos

Joe Bartos poses with some of his unique creations,including “Hi, Toucan,” “Sweet or Dry,” “Jacarandas,” “Lemonade, Anyone?” and “Young Norma Jeane.”

This month’s Artist of the Month is Joe Bartos, a Dunmore resident. He has been painting with the group at the Dunmore Senior Center since 2008. 

Joe’s fellow students applaud him for his vision, as he is the originator of this column, after wondering aloud why “no one ever recognizes senior citizens” for their talents and artistic achievement.  

Joe says he is still learning and “experimenting with realism and impressionism.” He favors “rich and bold colors,” and explains, “nothing cold,” which he avoids.

 A lifelong learner, Joe states that he learns something new with each painting.  His biggest challenge and one that consumed a great deal of his time was “Young Norma Jeane”, a painting of which he is most proud.

Joe enjoys his friends at the Center and has even been painting there with a small group since it reopened, before official classes resumed.  

He commends Alison Boga, the director, for her innovations.  

Eagerly awaiting her return, Joe also has a great admiration for our teacher, Jill Swersie and her expertise.

Joe’s final words of wisdom to fellow artists is, “Keep on painting!”

Artist of the Month: Joe Bartos

Artist Joe Bartos

Joe Bartos, February Artist of the Month at Dunmore Activity Hub, poses with some of unique creations.

Dunmorean Joe Bartos is the Artist of the Month at the Dunmore Activity Hub for February.

Bartos’ oil paintings are diverse, warm, and colorful.  He enjoys painting people, places, and natural beauty.

His featured paintings arec include “El Torro”, “Hallmark Lovers”, “Pink Lady”, and “Walkin’ in the Rain”.

Joe has been painting since 2006, and joined the painting class at the Dunmore Senior Center in 2008.  

He has learned a great deal in the class and enjoys the socialization, particularly the annual summer picnic and the Christmas Party.  His paintings are regularly exhibited at the Senior Center’s onsite art show and in its First Friday displays.

Joe’s specialties include lifelike realism and special effects.  

“The richer and brighter the painting, the better,” is his philosophy.

For information on the center and art classes taught by Jill Swersie contact: Alison Boga, Executive Director, 207-2662 ext. 2.

Dunmore Activity Hub: Artist of the Month

Joe Bartos Birds pic

Joe Bartos of Dunmore is the Dunmore Activity Hub Artist of the Month for March. His featured paintings are “The Colorful Keys” and “Bird of Paradise.”

Joe says his inspiration came during a trip to Key West where he stayed at a Victorian mansion where he could enjoy the natural beauty of the area in the backyard.

Joe starting painting in 2006 and has been painting with the class at the Activity Hub for about eight years.

Joe says he is inspired by warm places and by family vacation photos. “I only paint warm places with sunsets or beaches,” he explains. “Sometimes I am inpsired by our vacation pictures, or photos from magazines or works I’ve seen in a gallery.”

Bartos says he loves the senior center’s art classes. “Everyone is so friendly,” he notes. And Joe says their instructor, Jill Swersie, is “outstanding.”

He also compliments the center’s director, Jeanne Hugenbusch, saying, “She does a good job, and she is always open to new ideas and suggestions.”


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