UNICO hosts Charity Pig Roast


Working the receiving table at the Keystone UNICO Pig Roast are, from left: Frank Coviello, Mary Mack, Keystone UNICO President John Mecca and Mary Ann Coviello.

The Keystone Chapter UNICO National recently celebrated its fourth anniversary with a Denim and Diamonds Pig Roast benefiting The Voluntary Action Center.  This event was co-chaired by Cathy Bianchi and Carol Scrimalli.

Guests were greeted by the Charity Pig Roast mascot “Sweet Charity” who was portrayed by Dunmore High School student Haylie Ray.  Fiorelli’s was decorated in a Denim and Diamonds theme with stunning silver and blue accents.  Every table had centerpieces created by the committee in a variety of styles, which were chanced off after dinner.  Specially made diamond napkin rings and silver table cloths set the tone for the evening.  Favors included bowls of Hershey’s candy kisses and York peppermint patties.  

Guests got into the spirit by dressing in a variety of styles ranging from their favorite blue jeans to tuxedos and gowns. A photo booth and a lounge area was created for guests to have their pictures taken.  Also available was an extensive basket raffle; Wilbur the “money” Pig; and the Money Umbrella.  “EJ the DJ” provided the evening’s musical entertainment.

The program began with a greeting by chapter president John Mecca. The invocation was given by Mary Lou Karliak and the pledge of allegiance was led by Tom Carlucci.  Co-chairwomen Cathy Bianchi and Carol Scrimalli gave a welcome to the guests and Peter Noto, Past District Governor of PA II, made introductions of the dignitaries present.


Some of the visual entertainment was offered up by Haylie Ray, portraying the Keystone Chapter UNICO Mascot “Sweet Charity” and Angelica Plappert, Dunmore High School’s Miss Buck, who wowed the crowd with a twirling routine to the music of “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend”.

Remarks were given by Sherry Williams of the Voluntary Action Center which was followed by dinner.  A succulent Italian Pig Roast was the menu for the evening.  Following dinner, Dunmore High School’s Miss Buck, Angelica Plappert, performed an amazing twirling exhibition.  Next was a highly professional, two part dance presentation by the Ballet Theatre of Scranton. Dancers included Felicia Cicco, Elizabeth Conway, Jamary Gil, Kegan Lance and Nick Lazor. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the multiple drawings results; socializing; and enjoying the musical entertainment of “EJ the DJ”.    

Those in attendance included Dave Abdalla, Diane Alberigi, Ed and Nancy Angeloni, Michael and Donna Barbetti, Jim Baress, Lori Baress, Ken and Marci Barnansky, Joe and Cesira Berardelli, Carl and Cathy Bianchi, Jean Biggar, Julie Brown, Dave and Mary Clare Burnett, Mary Lynn Byers, Anthony and Michele Cantafio, Leonard and Mary Rose Carlucci, Tom and Debbie Carlucci, Ann Marie Carter, Dolly Caterino, Margaret Caterino, Karen Clark, James and Barbara Colangelo, Robert and Sandy Collins, Elizabeth Cook, Frank and Mary Ann Coviello, John Culkin, Joe and Shannon Cusick, Jim Dala Palu, Cathy Davis, Danny J. Davis.

Also, Paul and Gayle DeAntona, Jacqueline Dente, Anthony Alberta DePaola, Anthony and Geri Ann DePaola, Rinaldo and MariJo DePaola, Megan DeSarno, Felix and Jean DeSio, Ernie and Phyllis DeStefano, Gene and Toni DiVizio, Kathy Dooley, Chris Falzett, Antonio and Christine Garzella, Brett and Gina Glucksnis, Sharon Gombita, Autumn Gramigna, Michael and Nanine Gramigna, Joe and Elvira Grasso, Sandy Graziano, Drew and Mary Hailstone, Andy Heller, Jason Homza, Carmela Iannetta, Mary Jackson, Nevaeh Jackson, Bob and Barbara, Charlie and Mary Ann Kapacs.

Also, Mary Lou Karliak, Carol Kerrigan, Judy Kerrigan, Teje Kosik, Andrew Kowalchick, Marie Lalli, Paul and Theresa LaNunziata, Ed and Lenore Latarewicz, Joe and Louise Ligi, Karen Lillis, Elaine Llewellyn, Nazzareno and Kathleen Machelli, James and Mary Mack, John and Maria Mack, Joseph and Frances Malinowski, James and Nancy Malone, Sal and Patty Manago, Terri Mandigo, Steve and Dot Mariani, Frances Marrazzo, Tony Marrone, Gloria Marta, JoAnn Martarano, Tony and Pia Mazzarella, Mark and Michele McDade, Michael and Niccole McDade, Allison McHale, Cherie’ Mecca, Dolores Mecca, John Mecca, Chester and Cathy Merli, Julia Munley, Kevin Murphy, Frank Muto, Melanie Naro,  Peter and Sallie Noto, David and Fran Ogonosky, Dom Ortolani, Louis and Debbie Palazzi,Jr., Moonyean Patrick, John Petriello, Mary Petriello, Don Piragas, Mary Piragas, Angelica Plappert, Bob and Vicki Plappert.

Also, Tomi Ploskonka, John Prislupski, Karen Prokarym, Ron and Joanne Quattrone, Mike and Ginny Rescigno, Ted and Val Riggi, Joe and Gloria Rizzo, Pat Rogan, Ryan Rogan, Rita Sacco, Don Sartor, T.J. and Jessica Savero, Marisa Scalese, Marie Scaringi, Marie Schumacher, Carmen and Carol Scrimalli, Maria Scrimalli, Anthony Semonella, David and Frani Shannon, Paul and Maureen Shea, Kathy Shumbres, Mary Angela Sileo, Jerome and Maribeth Smith, Michelle Smith, Jay and Sheryl Lynn Sochoka, Ken Stafursky, Joseph Stanek, Jeff Stanton, Ray and Lisa Stender, Ann Summa, Joe and Debbie Swartz, Edward Swiencki, Tom and Geralyn Swinick, John Syzmanski, Amie Talarico, Bill and Maya Tigue, Janet Tigue, Karen Tigue, Gabby, Cindy and Mike Timms, Alexis Tropeano, Joseph Tropeano, Ray Tropeano,Jr., Ray and Theresa Tropeano, Peggy Tunney, Marilyn Vitali, Erin Walker, Kate Walker, Frank Walsh, David and Debbie Whitbeck, Janet Willchock, John and Sherry Williams, Chuck and Vivian Williams, Nettie Wormuth and Dave and Patricia Zadzura.

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