Friends of the Forgotten Sponsor “Wreaths Across America” Event

Wreaths Across America

Keystone UNICO Members gather with Val Riggi, president of the Friends of the Forgotten, at the Gino Merli Veteran’s Center. The Friends of the Forgotten sponsor the “Wreaths Across America” remembrance at Gino Merli annually. Keystone UNICO participates with a wreath donation yearly also.

Shown from left are Mark and Michele McDade, Valerie Riggi, Keystone President Frank Coviello, Ray Tropeano, Mary Ann Coviello, Ed Faatz, Sylvia and Bob Tagert, Cathy Gerard, Tom Carlucci, Tess Tropeano and Marilyn Vitali.

UNICO Members Partake in “Wreaths Across America”

Wreaths Across America

Dunmore’s Keystone Chapter UNICO National was an active participant at the Friends of the Forgotten Wreaths Across America Program at the Gino Merli Veteran’s Center.

Front row, from left, are Friend’s of the Forgotten President Val Riggi, Frank Coviello, Sylvia Tagert, Cathy Bianchi, Dee Faatz, Keystone UNICO wreath presenter Ray Tropeano, Michele McDade and Louise Ligi. ¬†

Back row, same order: Mark McDade, Mary Ann Coviello, Bob Tagert, Tom Carlucci, Marilyn Vitali and Tess Tropeano.

UNICO Members Take Part in Wreaths Across America Program

wreaths across america

The Wreaths Across America Program is an annual program presented throughout the U.S. ¬†Locally it is presented by the Friends of the Forgotten at the Gino Merli Veteran’s Center. A program was presented with the displaying of 28 wreaths representing 28 local organizations.

Keystone Chapter UNICO National participated with a donated wreath and great representation.

Among our members who are also members of The Friends of the Forgotten are Ed Faatz, president; Dee Dee Faatz, secretary; Ray Tropeano, director, and Val Riggi.

Pictured are Keystone Chapter UNICO members who participated in The Friends of the Forgotten “Wreaths Across America” Program at the Gino Merli Veterans’ Center. ¬†

From left are Marilyn Vitali, Ray and Tess Tropeano, Cathy Bianchi, Tom Carlucci, Keystone Chapter president Cathy Gerard, Val Riggi, Friends of the Forgotten Secretary Dee Dee Faatz, Michele McDade, Bob and Sylvia Tagert, Mark McDade, Friends of the Forgotten President Ed Faatz and Jim Mack.