Artist of the Month: Lucille Willard

Lucille Willard

Two paintings by Lucille Willard, a member of the Senior Painting Class at the Dunmore Activity hub, include, at left, Big Sur Coast in California, and at right, Northeastern New Mexico Wadi. Both were inspired by a train trip across the country to California.

By Lucille Willard

I have been an artist virtually my whole life. I took art classes during my entire high school career and had the first “one man art show” at Wantagh High School, where I designed and painted the scenery for

“Teahouse of the August Moon” and “South Pacific.”

After that, I attended college to study advertising art and design. Unfortunately marriage, motherhood, and being a working woman took precedence, though I did do all the artwork and layout for a jewelry ad for my first husband’s business.

Years later, when I came to live in Pennsylvania after marrying my third husband, I moved to Throop and attended the

Senior Learners Program at Marywood University where our art teacher, Jill Swersie, gave a class and I learned of the senior art class.

I have been with the group from the beginning, when we met in central Dunmore before moving to the Community Center, though I took a five-year hiatus from the class for awhile in order to do water exercise for my lower back disability. I returned to art two years ago and enjoy the ability to paint in oils.

I get my inspiration from real life, photos, and dreams.

It is wonderful to have a group with everyone creating and having fun together. Also, since I live a sedentary and isolated life due to my disability, I greatly appreciate the lovely group of fellow painters and the opportunity to have a time and place dedicated to my creativity..

I love the very existence of the Dunmore Activity Hub, and just wish I could be more active than I am.