Artist of the Month: Lucille Willard

Artist of the Month composite

Lucille Willard is shown here surrounded by a collage of some of her many paintings.

Lucille Willard has been a participating artist with the Dunmore Senior Painting Program since it was located in downtown Dunmore. 

For a few years she concentrated on helping her long-term disability by working out in a pool. She then got back to art, her first love, and manages to create while in a reclining chair with the paint pallet on her chest and holding the canvas aloft.

An artist her whole life, she took art classes throughout her school years, and she attended an advertising art course at SUATI in Farmingdale, Long Island. 

Along came marriages, during which Lucille did little with her craft until her present husband, James Gibson, encouraged her to go back to oil painting.

Practically all of her paintings are original themes from photos she has taken or ideas out of her head. Lucille enjoys many subjects and can replicate several styles of painting techniques. She also does commission work.

Lucille much appreciates the ability to paint at the Dunmore Community Center with Jill Swersie and the camaraderie of the group, as she otherwise lives an isolated sedentary life due to her lower spine disabilities. 

Artist of the Month: Lucille Willard

Lucille Willard

Two paintings by Lucille Willard, a member of the Senior Painting Class at the Dunmore Activity hub, include, at left, Big Sur Coast in California, and at right, Northeastern New Mexico Wadi. Both were inspired by a train trip across the country to California.

By Lucille Willard

I have been an artist virtually my whole life. I took art classes during my entire high school career and had the first “one man art show” at Wantagh High School, where I designed and painted the scenery for

“Teahouse of the August Moon” and “South Pacific.”

After that, I attended college to study advertising art and design. Unfortunately marriage, motherhood, and being a working woman took precedence, though I did do all the artwork and layout for a jewelry ad for my first husband’s business.

Years later, when I came to live in Pennsylvania after marrying my third husband, I moved to Throop and attended the

Senior Learners Program at Marywood University where our art teacher, Jill Swersie, gave a class and I learned of the senior art class.

I have been with the group from the beginning, when we met in central Dunmore before moving to the Community Center, though I took a five-year hiatus from the class for awhile in order to do water exercise for my lower back disability. I returned to art two years ago and enjoy the ability to paint in oils.

I get my inspiration from real life, photos, and dreams.

It is wonderful to have a group with everyone creating and having fun together. Also, since I live a sedentary and isolated life due to my disability, I greatly appreciate the lovely group of fellow painters and the opportunity to have a time and place dedicated to my creativity..

I love the very existence of the Dunmore Activity Hub, and just wish I could be more active than I am.