Italian flag raising and proclamation

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The Lackawanna County Commissioners conducted an Italian flag raising and proclamation at the County Courthouse on Oct. 1.  Among the several county Italian organizations present was the Keystone Chapter UNICO National. Started at the request of the Keystone Chapter in 2012, this has become a traditional start of celebrating October as Italian Heritage and Culture Month.

Pictured are the Keystone UNICO members with County Commissioners from left: Michele McDade, holding the “October is Italian Heritage and Culture Month in Lackawanna County” proclamation; Marilyn Vitali; Tom Carlucci; Commissioner Jerry Notarianni; Mark McDade, PA II District Governor; Commissioner Pat O’Malley; Ann Summa; Mary Rinaldi, and Jim Mack.

Dunmore Father and Son Trace Local History in Italy


By Justin MacGregor

Carlo Pisa and his son Alfredo, both from the Bunker Hill section of Dunmore, recently shared the trip of a lifetime. This past August, the San Cataldo Society members embarked on a journey to Sicily and Italy’s mainland to spend time with family and trace local history.

Their experience began with a flight to Palermo, Sicily, followed by a two-hour ride to San Cataldo, where many Dunmoreans trace their roots. News of the arrival of the two Dunmoreans spread quickly and they were soon invited to city hall by Deputy Mayor Aldo Riggi.  

There, they were greeted by the local newspaper, which recently ran a story on their visit. The Pisas presented Deputy Mayor Riggi with a framed picture of the San Cataldo Club, as well as honorary membership cards. They were then taken on an escorted tour of the city by the chief of police. The tour included visits to the local church, winery, clock tower and social club. A familiar face appeared at the social club – former Mayor Attilio Callari. Mayor Callari, who visited Dunmore in the 1980s, greeted the Pisas and cheerfully discussed his 1986 trip. He also insisted that they “say hello to his good friend Sandi Cancelleri.”

“Mayor Callari’s picture from his trip 30 years ago is actually on the wall at our club,” said Alfredo. “He seemed to get a real kick out of that.”

san-cataldi-trip-photo-2-1Before returning to Palermo, the locals insisted that a trip to the local basket factory was in order. While there, owner Archangelo Cala discussed San Cataldo’s mining history. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, children known as “carusis” mined sulfur in the dangerous caverns under the city. Some of the children were as young as seven, and many perished.

“There are many similarities to what the immigrants here faced in the mines,” said Carlo. “Mr. Cala actually gave us a basket that was used by one of the carusis over 100 years ago. I am glad that it made it through customs,” he chuckled.

As they were saying goodbye to the group of prominent San Cataldo citizens, a car pulled up and Deputy Mayor Riggi’s wife Ivana approached the Pisas. A well known fashion designer, she presented Carlo with a beautiful brooch for his wife. The group also reiterated that all Dunmoreans are welcome to visit San Cataldo.

“The people of San Cataldo were incredibly generous and warm,” said Alfredo. “We were treated as family there. This trip has reopened a line of communication to these wonderful people.”

The next leg of their adventure brought them to Guardia Lombardi. Almost all of the Italian families that settled in the Bunker Hill section of Dunmore have an ancestral footprint in this region. Within minutes of arriving, they were met by their cousin Emmanuela Sica. She drove them to her home and the entire family enjoyed a huge meal together. After “finishing too much food and homemade wine,” Alfredo and Carlo were brought to a small village 15 minutes away that organizes weekly festivals in order to promote community pride and friendship.

“The festival reminded me a lot of our own Italian Festival,” said Alfredo. “There was live music at every corner, smiling faces everywhere, and, of course, more amazing food.”

After catching up with family, the Pisas departed the next morning and finished up their trip with stops in Rome, Sorrento, and Naples.

“Alfredo and I are more like brothers than father and son,” said Carlo. “Seeing our roots and spending time with family was a truly special time for us both that we will always treasure. Throughout Italy, people really take their time and enjoy life,” added Carlo.

The San Cataldo Club celebrated its 110th Anniversary on Oct. 30, 2016. A picture of the current society membership group was taken and it now rests next to the founding group’s original 1906 photo.

“Our new picture was sent to our sister social club in San Cataldo, Sicily,” said Alfredo.

SIAMO hosts Italian language hours


SIAMO, The Italian-American Heritage Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania, recently hosted an Italian Language Hour at Adezzo in Scranton. SIAMO’s Italian Language Hours are designed as practice time for speakers of Italian of all levels, including beginner. Some knowledge of the Italian language is necessary to participate.

The next Italian Language Hour will be held on Sunday, April 24, beginning at 2 p.m. at the Taylor Community Library. For more information, visit

Front row, from left: Flora Ceccaci and Annie Longo. Back row: Piera Marotto, Stephanie Longo, Clare Roverts, Marzia Caporale, Nida Santi and Ron Bruni.