Fidelity Plans to Remodel Dunmore Branch

Fidelity Bank opened its doors to Dunmore, Pennsylvania, 119 years ago. Today, its home remains the same. And while the Bank may look different than it used to – imposing metal teller windows have been replaced by welcoming, round desks, and the use of mobile banking apps has surpassed that of checkbooks, one thing has never changed… Fidelity Bank’s commitment to its clients and community.  

“We aren’t afraid to try something new,” says Fidelity Bank’s President & CEO, Daniel Santaniello. “As we learn, as new technology becomes available, we embrace opportunities while continuing to put our clients at the center of every decision we make.” 

“Where the future may take us is yet to be seen,” said Santaniello. “But no matter what, Dunmore will always be home.” The Bank plans to remodel the branch office which has sat on the corner of Blakely and Drinker Streets since 1902. The innovative approach to delivering our clients an extraordinary experience the community have gotten to know and trust will remain. 

That innovative leadership has been a part of the Bank’s philosophy since its early days. In 1951, Fidelity Bank was the first in the area to introduce a drive-through bank window. It was an early adopter of digital delivery, having the ability to open deposit accounts online since 2008.   In 2019, the Bank released a totally digital mortgage application process that can be done from any mobile device easily and securely.

In was in 2007 that Fidelity Bank’s leadership decided to make a concerted effort to think boldly about tying its brand and sustainability into the banking experience.  

As it built out new branches over the years, Fidelity refined its prototype, adding new features and shrinking its overall footprint to take clients’ banking needs into account. Bank leaders and architects from firm DxDempsey visited financial institutions across the country, from Chicago to Florida, to research the latest trends and bring back best practices to the area. 

It is not just about appearances either… the client experience had a redesign, too. Today, under the Bank’s service model, a banker will greet a client within two steps of entering a branch or office. Inside, a table made from milled lumber provides a platform for local businesses to showcase their work, a digital wall displays what’s happening in the community via slick LCD TVs, and a hospitality bar offering coffee and cookies baked that morning.

All Fidelity Bank enhancements are made not to be trendy, but to help Bankers build relationships with clients.  Technology and experiences always stay true to the Bank’s brand. 

In 2020, Fidelity Bank acquired Lehigh Valley-based Merchants Bank and on its heels, recently completed the acquisition of Landmark Community Bank. Now, the Bank operates 23 branch offices throughout four counties. “We’ve come together with these Banks to form one, strong organization, committed to delivering the best client experience possible,” he said. “These unions allow for expanded products, services and benefits for clients, and create an expanded business and community banking footprint.”

Fidelity Bank believes that a strong community will have a strong community bank, and that the relationship is symbiotic. Fidelity is proud to give back in time, talent and treasure to the people, businesses and organizations that support it. “We are grateful to those who’ve supported us, especially here; it’s because of them that we are as successful as we are,” he said.

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