Dunmore Activity Hub: Artist of the Month

Dolly Michalczyk of Dunmore is our featured Artist of the Month from the Dunmore Activity Hub painting class. Featured are two of her paintings, one of Dolly’s husband Joe in Santorini, Greece, and another titled “Meditations: Mykonos, Greece.”


Michalczyk Dunmorean copy


Her inspiration for these paints were, “The beautiful contrasts of white buildings with the blue sky and water in Santorini, and the priest, who was so focused on his meditations and prayers.”

Dolly began painting when she retired in 2009, the same year she began painting at the HUB.

She says, “I paint things and people that are important to me—my family, especially my grandchildren, and friends, and scenes from our travels.”

Commenting about the painting class, Dolly explains, “Our teacher, Jill Swersie, is quite talented and very positive. She works closely with each of us, educating, demonstrating, and encouraging us.”

Dolly says the group has become one big family, supporting each other through illness, deaths and other family crises.

As for the senior center, she points out that Jeanne Hugenbush, the director, is constantly evaluating the programs and adding new and creative choices of activities.

“I love their new Celebration of Life program,” Dolly says. “Most recently, they presented a one-man show entitled ‘John Mitchell: An American Hero,’ featuring local writer and actor Robert Thomas Hughes, and before that they did ‘Barrymore’s Ghost’ by Jason Miller.”

Dolly is now looking forward to the new Mediterranean Cooking series and photography class.

For more information, visit the senior center’s website:
http://www.dunmoresenior center.org/category/programs-and-activities/.

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