Dunmorean of the Month: Stephanie Longo

By Steve Svetovich

Stephanie Longo Stephanie Longo is a positive person by nature. So it is easy to see why she is excited about her new position as director of marketing and communications for the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

Daughter of Ann Marie Longo, Dunmore, Stephanie, 312 William St., Dunmore, said she looks forward to her new position. “I am very excited about it,” she said. “I have always been a proponent of anything that brings a better view of Lackawanna County to the general area and to the world at large. I hope to use my talents to support the area I love.”

Stephanie, 34, and a 1999 Bishop O’Hara High School graduate, will be responsible for the management of the Chamber and its affiliates’ brands in the Greater Scranton community, including helping to generate positive media coverage for the Chamber and its affiliates, helping to grow its online presence and strategize, deploy and manage all facets of communication for its affiliates.

“I am very happy to be a part of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce,” she said. “Having grown up in the area, it is thrilling to see all that the Chamber has contributed to the local business landscape.

“I look forward to helping promote the Chamber’s initiatives and projects so that the community at large learns about all we are doing for the region.

“There are so many things the Chamber does that people are not aware of. The Chamber has a lot of affiliates who do a lot to support the community. There is a great benefit to your membership.”

Stephanie’s late grandfather, Joe Longo, was a well known barber on Chestnut Street in Dunmore. Her mom operated a beauty shop close by. “I never knew my grandfather, but heard so much about him. He is my hero.”

Stephanie has a broad background in journalism. She has a B.A. in Italian and French from the University of Scranton. She earned an M.A. in history from the University of Scranton and an M.A. in journalism from Regent University.

She is author of “The Italians of Northeastern Pennsylvania” and “The Italians of Dunmore.” Both are published by Arcadia Publishing. An award-winning journalist, she previously served as editor for the Abington Suburban and for The Villager newspapers. She was a correspondent for Go Lackawanna.

Stephanie will also be co-hosting “The Menu” at the Scranton Cultural Center.

“I love being a part of the Dunmore community and being a part of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber cares so much about the area. There is great passion from everyone who works here. You can feel it. The Chamber has given me a chance to spread my wings. And the Dunmore community is the best. It is a wonderful place to live.”

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce serves Lackawanna County and surrounding areas. The Chamber’s mission is to attract,sustain and grow businesses and jobs in the region.

And with her attitude of always looking at the bottle as half full, Stephanie Longo is bringing her positive exuberance to the job.

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