Mayor’s Message: September 2022

It’s hard to believe that September is already here! I hope all our students (and our teachers) in the Borough are not too upset that summer is gone and the school year is here. I’m wishing everyone a very safe and productive school year.

In addition to school being back in session, our local officials have been busy planning the Borough’s first real paving project in years! When I ran for Mayor, I promised to work in unison with Council to pave our roads. Over the last few months, Council and I have been planning to do just that. In addition to the list of roads in the graphic, we have a contractor working on patching roads that do not need a full pave. We hope to pave more in the future, but we think this is a great start!

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Mayor’s Message: May 2022

By Mayor Max Conway

For this month’s message, I want to touch on a service that is often overlooked and could be of value for the citizens of the Borough. The Nancy Kay Holmes Library of the Lackawanna County Library System provides traditional library services like lending of books and DVDs, while also providing additional services, events, and programs for children and adults of all ages. 

In addition to those services and events, library patrons can, if they wish, request items online to be picked up at the branch or even opt for home delivery! While the library is in Scranton (1032 Green Ridge St), it is free to use for all Dunmore residents. 

If you would like to learn more about the services they provide, visit them today or check out their Facebook page!  

In some personal news, I was fortunate enough to spend the first two weeks of April on my honeymoon with my wife, Ally.

We spent 12 wonderful days in Europe with six days in Ireland and six days in Germany. While in Ireland, we took a quick detour to a small town called…you guessed it…Dunmore! 

We stopped in for a pint at a local pub and ended up talking with some of the locals. When my wife mentioned I was the Mayor of Dunmore, PA, the man who was sitting across the bar said, “STAY RIGHT THERE! I WILL BE RIGHT BACK!”

When he returned twenty minutes later, he handed us his flag of the Dunmore, Ireland Rugby Club to bring home with us! It was truly a trip and an experience my wife and I will never forget. 

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Mayor’s Message: April 2022

It has been a busy month in the Dunmore Mayor’s office, but I would like to use this column to wish a very Happy 160th Birthday to our wonderful Borough! 

Dunmore was first settled in 1783 when William Allsworth of Connecticut – a shoemaker by trade – reached here one evening and deemed it a suitable place to settle his family. It is rumored that these first settlers called Dunmore “Bucktown,” as it had a massive deer population. 

Allsworth would later open an inn on what is now Blakely and Drinker Streets. Fast forward several decades, and in the second year of the Civil War, the village of Dunmore was incorporated into the Borough of Dunmore when Governor Andrew G. Curtin signed a bill on April 10, 1862, making Dunmore an official Borough! 

To honor Dunmore’s birthday, Borough Council, DPW and I are planning a borough-wide cleanup on Saturday April 30th from 10 am. to noon. We hope to target our cleanup to the parks in the Borough (Sherwood, St. Anthony’s, Monroe, Schautz as well as Dunmore Corners).

If you can come out and join us, please register to volunteer with the link found on my Facebook page or with the QR code (use your camera on your phone and hold over the code)!

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Note: The information used for Dunmore’s History is from Dunmore’s Centennial History book, which was published in 1962.