Mayor’s Message: March 2023

By Max Conway
Mayor of Dunmore

Recently I was thrilled to welcome Congressman Matt Cartwright to Dunmore and express our gratitude for his tireless efforts to secure $1.85 million in funding for the YMCA’s “Well-Being Initiative”. This funding will provide our community with numerous opportunities to enhance and support their emotional and mental health and wellness.

The well-being initiative is an important step towards promoting healthier lifestyles and improving the overall quality of life for our residents. 

Through a combination of educational and awareness programming, specialized instruction, social and emotional learning, workshops and seminars, community collaborations, as well as connection to community resources and services, this initiative will create a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone.

As we continue to face unprecedented challenges, it is more important than ever to prioritize our emotional and mental well-being. With this funding, The YMCA can develop and implement programs and services that will support the physical, emotional, and mental health of our community members.

I am grateful to Congressman Matt Cartwright for his unwavering commitment to supporting our community and securing this vital funding. I am confident that the Well-Being Initiative will have a positive impact on the lives of many individuals and families in our town.

Mayor’s Message: February 2023

By Mayor Max Conway

In a time where love and togetherness are needed more than ever, I am proud to promote our local flower and gift shops to all the residents of Dunmore.

These businesses have been a staple of our community for many years and it is only fitting that we support the hardworking owners and their dedicated employees that give so much back to our community.

I encourage all residents to visit these shops to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. From beautiful bouquets to unique and personal gifts, our local flower and gift shops have it all. Not only will you be showing your love and appreciation to someone special, but you will also be supporting local businesses and the Dunmore economy.

So this Valentine’s Day, let’s come together as a community and spread love and kindness to all.

Mayor’s Message

By Mayor Max Conway

It was a busy October in the Borough! Our paving project was a massive success and I am happy to say that our roads are in much better shape than they were this time last year heading into the winter months.

Since taking office, I have been fortunate enough to talk with many of our business owners about the future of the Dunmore business landscape. We discussed the overall revitalization of Dunmore’s business community, how best to tap state money, upgrades to our streetscapes, and more. 

We also met with representatives from the state, including the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) director. In his words, if our business community wants to leverage its access to state money to secure potential grants and outside funding, a great step would be to launch the Dunmore Business Association (DBA). 

With the help of the association, DBA will be able to raise funds, grow local businesses, and beautify our community. If you are or know of any business owners that are not members, please feel free to email We are also on Facebook at “Dunmore Business Association” (this group is for business owners & affiliates only). 

As you all know, Dunmore is already a great place to live, work, and do business. We are hoping that the DBA can make it even better!

If you would like to keep up to date on other announcements and information, please follow me on Facebook at Mayor Max Conway!