Artist of the Month: Lucille Banick

Lucille Banick is shown with some of her paintings. Her preferred subjects are animals and landscapes. Shown here are a variety, including an owl, autumn scene, and floral still life.

The Dunmorean is responsible for Lucille Banick signing up for painting classes at the Dunmore Senior Center.  Prior to this class, her only art experience was in school and a brief, four week community course she took years ago. 

This is her fourth year painting with the Dunmore group.  Besides the artistic benefits, she enjoys the comraderie of the other students and learning from them as she visits and observes them during the class.   

“I miss not going to art class during this quarantine, and seeing Jill Swersie, our instructor, and the other artists,” she states, and mentions that she values Jill’s advice on “color, technique, and design.”  

Although Lucille’s preferred subjects are animals and scenery, during this quarantine she has channeled her energy and talent into touching up old paintings, frames, and yard décor.  She loves and enjoys the art group and the relationships forged there.  

“At home, I don’t paint as much, but recently reviewed and organized my finished art,” Lucille says. “I made 8”x10” copies of some of my paintings and will frame these as gifts for the holiday season. I am so glad to have learned painting at the Center!” 

Artist of the Month: Lucille Banick

Lucille Banick photoLucille Banick of Scranton is the June Artist of the Month at Dunmore Activity Hub. Lucille, who only began painting when she joined the group two years ago, finds her inspiration from the outdoors, since she enjoys fresh air and nature.

For one of her featured painting, Grazing Sheep, she painted trees and then decided she wanted to add animals and she thought of sheep.

She gets her ideas because this area has so many beautiful mountains and farmlands, and she enjoys looking at both the scenery and the animals.

Banick loves the painting class, noting, “We’re like a family and enjoy exchanging thoughts and ideas. Our instructor, Jill Sweirse, is wonderful and makes us aware of talent we never even knew we had!”

She goes on to say, “I enjoy going to painting class. It is so relaxing. Alison Boga, the director of the center, takes care of all things and informs us about other activities and events that are going on.”