Artist of the Month: Jan Lauer

Artist of the Month Jan Lauer

Jan Lauer is shown with some of her newest paintings.

I started coming to the painting classes at the Dunmore Activity Hub shortly after returning to Scranton in August, 2010. 

I love the class. Our instructor, Jill Swersie, is very talented and patiently shares her expertise and suggestions. The class is like a family, a special community that encourages and provides support. I am always inspired by the wonderful paintings I see others working on.   

I enjoyed drawing as a teenager and dabbled a bit with watercolors and acrylics over the years, but never used oils until I started coming to this class.  I love the brilliance and depth of color of oil paints.  

I like to try painting different subjects, often based on a photograph I’ve taken or an illustration I’ve seen in a book or magazine.  

I have sold some paintings, and given some to family and friends as gifts, but I also have them hanging in every room of my house where there is never enough wall space!

Artist of the Month: Jan Lauer

Artist of Month - Jan Lauer

The Artist of the Month for for April is Jan Lauer, shown with some of her works. The featured painting, titled “Hello Kitty,” was inspired by a cat wandering into a yard. Jan added the tulips to honor her mother-in-law.

Jan Lauer of Scranton, the April Artist of the Month at the Dunmore Activity Hub, has been painting with the group since September of 2010. Jan notes that she did some watercolor painting in high school, and then had a long dormant period.

Sometime in the 1990s, her sister got Jan interested in painting with acrylics and doing craft shows. Her first work with oil paints began when she joined the painting class at the Dunmore Community Center.

Her featured painting, entitled “Hello Kitty,” is based on a picture that was taken years ago, when Jan’s daughter was excited to see a neighbor’s cat in her grandmother’s yard.

“She loved the cat, and it seemed that the feeling was mutual,” remembers Jan. “I added tulips in the background in memory of my mother-in-law, who always grew tulips.”

Most Jan gets her ideas from photographs she has taken, or from magazines and greeting cards.

“I like to mix it up and try different subjects,” she explains.

“I find it inspirational to see and discuss the work of the talented people in our class,” she continues. “Everyone is encouraging and willing to share. It’s a warm, supportive group, guided by our wonderful instructor, Jill Swersie.”

Mrs. Lauer finds the Dunmore center a comfortable facility, with lots of space to spread out and a lot of windows.

“We play music while we work, which creates a nice atmosphere,” she confides. “The director of welcoming and enthusiastic. She expanded our last art show into a larger event which showcased not just our art work, but the other programs available at the center. It was great!”