Kaci Kranson Scores 1,000th Point for Holy Cross

By Steve Svetovich

Only a junior, Kaci Kranson celebrated with Holy Cross teammates as she scored her 1,000th career point Friday, January 29, in the Lady Crusaders 76-44 win over Lakeland.

Kaci scored 26 points as her team won for the fourth time in five games this season. Senior center Abbey Lentowski led Holy Cross with 30 points in the win for the No. 6 ranked Lady Crusaders.

Daughter of Jill and Ryan Kranson, Kaci’s late grandfather Jerry Foley was a local legend as a standout professional boxer in the 1960s and 1970s. 

“I was very surprised and happy to achieve 1,000 points in my junior year,” Kaci, 17, said. “Every year I ser personal and team goals. This was one of my personal goals, so I was happy to achieve it so quickly. It was just such a crazy, outstanding feeling. I was so happy my teammate were a part of it. They played a big part in making it happen.”

Kaci averaged 23 points per game as a sophomore last season when she was a Lackawanna League All-Star. She is averaging 23 points per game with 115 points in her first five games this season. 

“My parents always teach me to work hard and give it my very best shot. That is what they tell me should always be my focus, trying my very best.”

The standout junior point guard said Holy Cross veteran basketball coach Barry Fitzgerald teaches her similar values.

“He teaches me to always work hard. And he tells me to be more patient on the court while looking for the open pass or shot”

Kaci is a three-year starter on the Lady Crusaders basketball team. She will be a three-year member of the Holy Cross softball team, although no games were played las year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She plays centerfield and was a Lackawanna League All-Star as a freshman outfielder. 

The scholar-athlete has an impressive 3.9 academic average. She is a member of the Service Club, Pro Life Club, Student Council and is class president of the junior class. She is a member of the National Honor Society.

She talked about what it takes to be a good point guard in high school basketball. 

“You need to look up and down the court and be very selective with your shot or passing the ball.”

Kaci said she wants to play basketball in college. She would like to see Sean Mendez in concert. Last year she saw Ariana Grande as a birthday present from her mom.

Kaci’s best academic subject is English. The sharp shooter said she is thinking about studying physical therapy in college. 

She talked about future goals. “Well, first I want to help our team go as far as we can in the district and state playoffs in the next two years. Then I want to get accepted to a good college, play college basketball and get a great education and finally have a good career.”

Kaci is completely enjoying her experience at Holy Cross.

“I absolutely love it here at Holy Cross,” she said. “Everyone knows each other here. It is like one big family. 

“All of the teachers and coaches are great. It is the best place to be for me. I have met so many nice people and made great friends. We are all so close. This is a family here.” 

Abbey Lentowski Making Her Mark for Lady Crusaders

By Steve Svetovich

Holy Cross Lady Crusaders senior center Abbey Lentowski is trying to make the most of her senior season.

And she is more than making her mark on the talented Holy Cross girls’ basketball team. 

Daughter of Andrew and Tricia Lentowski, the senior stalwart scored 30 points in the Lady Crusaders 76-44 win over Lakeland Friday, January 29. She scored 16 points in the second quarter alone as Holy Cross built a commanding 49-21 halftime lead.

It was the same game teammate Kaci Kranson, a junior, scored her 1,000th career point while contributing 26 points in the win. 

The victory gave the No. 6 ranked Lady Crusaders a 4-1 record to start the season under veteran coach Barry Fitzgerald.

Abbey, 17, a four-year member of the Lady Crusaders basketball team, following the win over Lakeland, needed only 138 more points to reach 1,000 for her career. 

“I am hoping to reach that,” she said. 

The scholar-athlete has an impressive 3.9 grade point average at Holy Cross. She is a member of the Foreign Languages Club, History Club and the National Honor Society. She is a four-year member of the soccer team as a midfielder. 

She talked about her team’s improving performance. “We started out our first game slow, but then we really came together and grew as a team. We are getting better each game as we continue to work together. Now we are working together as a team extremely well. I think we can continue working well as a team and go far in the playoffs.” 

The talented senior center said her favorite academic subject is Spanish. Her favorite musical artist is Ed Sheerin who she previously saw in concert. “He was amazing. I can’t wait to get a chance to see him again.”

Abbey will study and play basketball at Immaculata University in West Chester next year. She will major in criminology or pre law with a goal of eventually going to law school and becoming an attorney like her dad. 

“I find law to be interesting,” she said. “I’ve seen some of what my dad does and would like to follow in his footsteps.” 

Abbey is averaging 18 points per game after the team’s first five games this season. She also had three double-doubles in the team’s first five games. She was a second team Lackawanna League all-star and made the Lynett Tournament all-tournament team last season.  Abbey was also a second-team all-star for soccer. 

Intelligent and hard working, Abbey credits coach Fitzgerald for much of her success. “He teaches us to hustle on every play. He tells us to go all out all the time. He teaches us to work together as a team.”

Abbey said her parents are always there for her. “My parents teach me to never give up even when things get real hard.”

She talked about what it takes to be a good center in high school basketball. “You need to have a lot of energy, be physical and want to get the ball.”

The senior standout said school and sports can be challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It can be very nerve racking playing basketball during a pandemic. At any moment you can lose players or the season can end. We do take all the necessary precautions to make it work.

“And school being hybrid makes it difficult to learn at times. The students and teachers are trying their best.”

Nevertheless, despite a pandemic for the past 12 months, Abbey has thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Holy Cross as she prepares to graduate this year. “I have enjoyed it a lot. The teachers and coaches here really care about you. It has been an excellent preparation for college.

“I’m excited about going away to college next year. It is my chance to be independent and see what I can do.” 

Lady Bucks Win 2020 Intraborough Girls Championship

Intraborough Lady Bucks

The Intraborough Girls Basketball Championship Game between Dunmore and Holy Cross High Schools was recently held at Dunmore High School.

This year the Dunmore Girls defeated the Holy Cross Girls by a score 49-23 and finished the regular season with one loss.

The game sponsored by the Dunmore Lions Club to help defray the cost of their College Scholarship Program is now in its 39th year.

Pictured are members of the Dunmore Lady Bucks team with members of the Dunmore Lions Club. Kneeling from left: Alexis Chapman, Elisa Delfino, Adriana Pacewicz, Nora Haggerty, Katherine Hopkins, and Molly Zimmer.

Standing, same order: Assistant Coach Mike O’Malley, Lion Mike Colangelo, Lion Leo Wentline Jr., Alexis Santariero, Assistant Coach Carrie Toomey, Sophia Mandarano, Lion Jim Colangelo, Coach Ben O’Brien, President Jim Aita, Ciera Toomey, Mia Blume, Moriah Murray, Anna Talutto, Cadie Lewis, Lion Rich Green, and Lion Angelo Martarano.


Intraborough Lady Crusaders

Pictured are members of the Lady Crusaders basketball team and members of the Dunmore Lions Club. Kneeling from left: Cate McGovern, Kaitlyn Farrell, Emily Ferguson, Meghan McDonnell, Kaci Kranson, Rachael Hosie, Carsyn Cole, Kaitlyn Idhaw, and Guiliana Mazza.

Standing, same order: Lions Rich Green, Jim Colangelo, Angelo Martarano, Bob McCormack, with team members Ellie Williams, Molly White, Abby Lentowski, Erin McGee, Lauren Hegedus, Ashley Capone, Coach Barry Fitzgerald, DLC President Jim Aita, Morgan Quinn, Samera Burrier, Krista Carachilo, Julia Goetz, Caitlyn Bestrycki, Sarah Lyons, Ryan Geoffroy, Katie Purcell , Lions Leo Wentline Jr. and Mike Colangelo.