Eighth Graders Tour Dunmore Cemetery

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Eighth grade students from Dunmore toured Dunmore Cemetery on Sept. 27. Members of the Dearly Departed Players, including Julie Esty, Colonel James Patterson, Wendy Belaski, and S. Robert Powell from the Carbondale Historical Society, presented background information.

Wendy Belaski enlightened students about cemetery art, symbolism, etiquette and customs. Afterwards, the students, numbering around 100, visited the Dunmore Historical Society.

Teachers participating included Kim Ahern, Celine Carlier, Sara Worozbyt, Ryan Ehnot, Nabiha Garraoui and Kim Deprimo Bochicchio.

Students Tag Along for Annual Dunmore Cemetery Tour

cemetery tour 3Braving brisk autumn temperatures, on Friday, October 20, 120 eighth grade students of Dunmore Middle School made a field trip to the Dunmore Cemetery.  The students were greeted at the cemetery gates by members of the Dearly Departed Players who present the annual, award-winning Dunmore Cemetery Tour.  

While touring through the cemetery,  Julie Esty, Director of the Players and historian enlightened  students on the rich history and heritage that lies within the confines of the cemetery gates.  

Former Dunmorean, Retired Colonel James W. Patterson explained military markers to the students. Colonel Patterson also touched on the military career of Pfc. Robert Nicholson, a member of Merrill’s Marauders, who is at rest in the cemetery.   

Wendy Belaski shared her vast knowledge of stained glass and cemetery symbolism with the students.

During the tour the students were also shown examples of cemetery preservation and restoration  that have taken place in the cemetery in recent years. Customs of cemeteries surrounding the Dunmore Cemetery were also explained to the students.  Cemetery Superintendent Sam Quinn also spoke briefly with the students.

cemetery tour 1One stop on the tour was especially important to the history of the Dunmore School District.  Former Dunmore Music Supervisor Martha Matthews Owens was spotlighted. Matthews-Owens began her teaching career with the school district in 1897 and was employed with them until her death in 1922.  Under her direction, musical education thrived. The curriculum and educational standards Matthews-Owens established ranked among the highest in the country.

The students will continue their study of the cemetery by following up with an English assignment.

Attending the event with the students were teachers Kevin McHale, Sary Worozbyt, Celine Carlier, Kim Bochicchio, Stacie Telnock, Peggy Hart, Mary Lynn Benefonte, Ryan Ehnot,  and Kimberly Ahern. The teachers plan to make a field trip to the Dunmore Cemetery an annual event.

Dunmore Students Take First Place in NEIU Reading Competition


Students in the Dunmore School District competed in the NEIU Reading Competition in May. The district had two middle school teams and three high school teams participating among approximately 600 students overall.

Ms. Dempsey and Mrs. Hurst took a team of seven sixth graders and six seventh graders. The reading competition at NEIU is intended to increase students’ reading for enjoyment. Teams of students were assigned a list of 45 books to read collectively.

Ms. Dempsey’s and Mrs. Hurst’s middle school team placed first overall.

The members of the first place team are:  Maria Aronica, Cadie Lewis, Ayman Mounota, Kristine Fagioli, Madison Waltz, Aiza Arshad, Zara Arshad, Micah Madrazo, Jacyln Marichak, Allison McNeff, Colby Murray, Andrew Padula, and Aden King.