Dunmore Pizzerias Now on the Map

Lackawanna County is known for its phenomenal pizza. The county is not only home to Old Forge, the so-called Pizza Capital of the World, and their signature style of pizza, but there are also 160 pizza shops throughout Lackawanna County, serving every variety of pizza imaginable.

To showcase just how amazing the pizza is, the county has created the Lackawanna County Pizza Trail, compiling the local favorites. This delicious list allows people to plan a self-guided tour the whole family will enjoy. 

Nine Dunmore pizzerias included on the website include: Calabria Pizza & Restaurant; Cali’s Don Tomaso Peatza, Cara Mia’s Delicatessan, Drinker Pizza, Gold Crown Pizza, Grande Pizza Restaurant & Bar, Nardozzi’s Pizza, Nina’s Wing Bites and Pizza, and Two Brothers Restaurant and Pizzeria.

The county designed a system for locals to vote for their favorite shops from over 160 pizzerias. The results created a map that consists of 63 pizza shops that span across Lackawanna County. Only locally owned restaurants are included, and many have been open for 30 plus years with recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

The map can be found at https://www.visitnepa.org/things-to-do/tours-itineraries/pizza-trail/. It includes descriptions of the restaurants, photos, and where to find them in Lackawanna County. The map is color coded to the different cities or regions to help plan your itinerary and route. 

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