DHS Basketball Team Shows Resilience During Pandemic

By Zack Albert
Dunmorean Intern

To those who are from this borough, the Dunmore High School Bucks and Lady Bucks provide a special energy through their academics, athletics, and extra-curricular clubs. Whether it is the marching band playing for the athletes, the cheerleading team pepping up  the other students to cheer for the athletes, or the play of the athletes themselves– these  students and the staff take their part in their school community seriously. 

As athletic seasons are continuing in 2021, the players, coaches, administration, and parents have shown remarkable resilience throughout the pandemic. 

The completion and success of the 2020 football and volleyball seasons are examples of everyone accepting the responsibilities involved in keeping everyone as safe as possible while setting a foundation for upcoming winter sports seasons. 

Going back to an earlier interview with superintendent John Marichak, the same comments he mentioned then continue to remain true as we reach the stretch of the 2021 basketball season.

 “The guidelines provided by theCDC, federal, state, and local governments during the COVID-19 pandemic are part of ensuring our students, staff, and faculty remain safe. We also have implemented other recommendations through the diligent work of our school board, athletic directors, Mark Finan, Timothy Hopkins, Maureen Burke, and our maintenance staff,” Marichak said then. “All have been phenomenal in getting our academic and athletic seasons executed as we have thus far, while keeping the safety of our students, faculty and staff at the forefront. 

“Though challenges existed in all phases throughout this pandemic, the offseason workouts were able to occur, and we are excited for the regular season to start. Not having spectators will be tough for the students, but they know the community will be behind them.”

 The Lady Bucks have won all three of their league games thus far, including handing Riverside their first defeat of the season. The Bucks have won back-to-back games for the first time this season. 

Moriah Murray (15.0 ppg), Ciera Toomey (13.2 ppg), Mia Blume (8.6 ppg), and Anna Talutto (8.2 ppg) lead the Lady Bucks in scoring. Kevin Walsh (13.8 ppg), Frank Ruggiero (9.8 ppg), and Dom Temperino (8.8 ppg), lead the Bucks in scoring. 

The Lady Bucks have been great at the free throw line, 70.9% (22 FTM -31 FTA), with the Bucks a bit lower at 55.0% (22 FTM – 40 FTA). 

Both teams have their second game against Riverside to start the month, followed by upcoming rivalry games at Holy Cross, Lakeland, and Old Forge. In their latest wins against theVikings, the Bucks and Lady Bucks used their tenacious offensive and defensive rebounding to not let Riverside gain any sizeable advantage. 

The Lady Bucks’ defense in the first half while getting points on the other end was the difference, as the second half was deadlocked (23-22 scoring in the second half). 

The Bucks’ defense in the fourth quarter was the difference in their win over the Vikings as they held Riverside to 7 points in the quarter (31-21 second half scoring). Dom Temperino’s game-high 18 points and 10 rebounds led the way for the Bucks. 

A strong second half of the season is possibly in the works for the Bucks and Lady Bucks, and the Dunmore community is proud to support them through these challenging times!

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