Artist of the Month: Dolores Domenick-Noll

Artist of the Month

Dolores Dominick-Noll is shown with her current project which she is painting for her daughter. Dolores favors a primitive style of painting as shown in this example.

By Dolores Dominick-Noll

This is the largest painting I’ve ever attempted.  It originated because my daughter has a frame this size and she asked me to paint something to fit it.  

The subject came mostly from my imagination and, if it looks slightly “busy,” it’s because I keep adding to it. 

Other artists have told me that my style is “primitive,” and I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I’ll keep at it and hope that it evolves.

I joined the Dunmore Senior Center Art class about seven years ago and, although I have a degree in music therapy, I find art to be very therapeutic as well,  I realize that I’m no Renoir, but when I’m painting, my mind is free from all other thoughts,

Our class consists of a friendly, supportive group of seasoned painters, as well as those who are beginning to explore their ability. We are very fortunate to have Jill Swersie –- a very gifted artist herself –- sharing her talent as our instructor.

We meet weekly at the Center at 1414 Monroe Avenue in Dunmore. Come join us!

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