Artist of the Month: Mary Kay Hopkins

Artist of Month

Hopkins is shown with a variety of her old and new paintings. The painting over her right shoulder, entitled “Trees at Nay Aug,” was her first painting back in 1982.

By Dolly Michalczyk

As a long- time member of the Dunmore Senior Citizen’s Center painting class, Mary Kay Hopkins has served as a mentor to many people, including this writer.  She is welcoming and encouraging, offering many fine ideas to the other artists and to the class. She has exhibited her wonderful work at our art shows and has sold several pieces.

Mary Kay herself says, “I am so very proud to be an art student for 12 years studying under Jill Swersie, at the Dunmore Community Center. I have learned more than I ever thought I could have.  

“I am inspired by Jill, our  teacher, who continues year after year to bring out the artist in all of us.  She is not only our teacher, but also a friend. The Center is a wonderfully warm place largely because of Allison Boga, our director.  She is a warm and engaging professional who makes us feel so special.” 

Mary Kay notes that some of the pictures displayed in her photo are new, while some are old.  She explains, “The one over my right shoulder I named Trees at Nay Aug. It was my very first attempt back in 1982.  I am inspired by nature and the human form.

“Much has happened in my life over the past few years.   I am honored to have all of my friends in class to lean on.   I have returned to my beloved profession as a transcriptionist.  Life is good!”

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