Hospice Honors Recipient: Hospice of the Sacred Heart

Hospice Memorial Service

Hospice of the Sacred Heart Spring Interfaith Memorial Service was held recently at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Shown from left are: Jennifer Seechock, Director of Counseling Services; Rev. Michael Bryant, pastor, St. John Neumann Parish; Linda Menichetti, Chief Operating Officer; Mary Hoban, Director of Social Services; Frank A. Bucci, Jr., MD, President and Chairman of the Board; Pastor Dave Twiss, Green Ridge Assembly of God; Diane Baldi, Chief Executive Officer; and musicians Dan Simrell, Angela Burke and Mark Woodyatt.

Hospice of the Sacred Heart has been named a 2019 Hospice Honors recipient by HEALTHCARE first, a leading provider of billing and coding services, CAHPS surveys and advanced analytics. Hospice Honors is a prestigious program that recognizes hospices providing the highest level of quality as measured from the caregiver’s point of view.

“We are excited to recognize the 2019 Hospice Honors recipients for their hard work and dedication to providing exceptional care,” said Misty Skinner, Executive Vice President of Services at HEALTHCARE first. “I congratulate Hospice of the Sacred Heart on its success in achieving this highest of honors.”

Award criteria were based on Hospice CAHPS survey results for an evaluation period of October 2017 through September 2018. Award recipients were identified by evaluating performance on a set of 24 quality indicator measures.

Performance scores were aggregated from all completed surveys and were compared on a question-by-question basis to a National Performance Score calculated from all hospices contained in the HEALTHCARE first’s Hospice CAHPS database.

Hospice Honors recipients include those hospices scoring above the HEALTHCARE first National Performance Score on 20 of the evaluated questions. HEALTHCARE first holds a special recognition, Hospice Honors Elite, to honor hospices scoring above the HEALTHCARE first National Performance Score on all 24 of the evaluated questions. Please visit HEALTHCARE first’s website at www.healthcarefirst.com to learn more about HEALTHCARE first’s Hospice CAHPS survey program as well as the Hospice Honors awards.

Diane Baldi, Hospice of the Sacred Heart CEO, credits patient and family-centered care as the key factor in being named a 2019 Hospice Honors recipient. She said, “This recognition is further evidence that we are providing comfort, care, hope and choice to our patients and their families on a daily basis.”

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