Artist of the Month: Phyllis Reinhardt

Artist of Month pic

Phyllis Reinhardt is shown with a selection of her paintings, including one of a winter scene featuring cardinals and a landscape.

Phyllis Reinhardt of Scranton is the January 2018 Artist of the Month at Dunmore Activity Hub.

She began painting in the winter of 2013, and has taken lessons at the Center ever since.

In that time, she has painted many pictures of family members, another of a bed-and-breakfast in Normandy, France, and other pictures that she just happened to like. One of her favorites is a picture of two cardinals, inspired by her wish to feature cardinals on a Christmas card.

Phyllis says, “Painting is a great hobby, but people in the painting class are the real joy! I’ve attended the classes for over four years, and my ability at the time I enrolled was drawing stick people.”

After instruction from Jill Swersie, Phyllis has moved beyond stick people, and her classmates find her to be quite accomplished.

The artist encourages other to join, noting, “The Center is always accommodating. They have provided a bright room and an atmosphere that is always welcoming.”

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