County reaps rewards from Community Re-Invest Program

Thirteen new projects, focusing on youth recreation, skills development, veterans and outdoor improvements, including one in Green Ridge, were approved for funding by the Lackawanna County Commissioners through their Community Re-Invest Program totaling $133,500.   

Green Ridge Neighborhood Association Friends of Crowley Park was awarded $7,500 for a project featuring the creation of a 26-foot in diameter stone Labyrinth, seeding, and planting trees and shrubs at Crowley Park. The total project cost is $43,501.        

The Community Re-Invest Program was established in July of 2013.  It represents the “last mile” funding to help bring the initiatives to fruition.  The total amount of public-private investment in all of these ventures is $1,319,393.     

“I am very proud to continue this community-changing program.  It has had a historical impact on shaping a number of communities in Lackawanna County,” said Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley.    “We provided last mile funding for initiatives that catered to youth, the disabled, veterans, historical operations, community centers, and civic groups, and we are continuing along these lines.  It is vital to give back.  I am committed to funding this vital entity as we further reshape the overall landscape of our County.  This program is a tremendous community development incentive and serves to put projects over the finish line.  It will also help to trigger additional growth in our communities.”               

“Once again, we are giving back to the core of Lackawanna County – our neighborhoods.  This program makes good business sense.  We will continue this initiative in 2016 as a means of creating new economic opportunities and fulfilling the dreams of organizations up and down the valley,” explained Commissioner Jerry Notarianni.   

“I have been very impressed with the projects funded by the Community Re-Invest Program.  It has served as a true partnership with for the County, our communities and civic groups.  I want to continue to assist in making a big difference in our area, and I am very proud to play a role in shaping the future,” explained Commissioner Laureen A. Cummings.     

“The funding for these projects once again highlights the Commissioners’ commitment to the growth and enhancement of Lackawanna County’s communities, neighborhoods and quality of life.  The funding track record has helped to leverage new development in our cities, boroughs, townships and municipalities,” explained George Kelly, the County’s Director of Economic Development.


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