Annual Dunmore Cemetery Tour

The Dearly Departed Players will present the annual Dunmore Cemetery Tour on October 4 and 11 at 2 p.m.

The 2015 Dunmore Cemetery tour will take place on Sunday, Oct. 4 and Sunday, Oct. 11.  Tours will begin at the cemetery gate, located at 400 Church Street in Dunmore at 2 p.m. The tour this year will take approximately two hours, and comfortable walking shoes are suggested for audience participants. The event is free to the public.

This year’s tour is entitled “Criminal Intent.”  The Dearly Departed Players will present twenty costumed stops throughout the cemetery—each one dealing in some way with crime.

Julie Esty, the Historian/Artistic Director for the Dunmore Cemetery Tour, said that the group is covering many a topic including murder, national and local terrorism, prohibition, prostitution, political corruption, con artists, shoplifting, gambling and domestic abuse.

“Those are some very weighty subjects,” said Esty, “ but the [Departed] Players do manage to get some good laughs in to lighten things up.”

Students from Act Out Theater and the University of Scranton theater groups, the Ezra Griffin Camp and Sons of Union Veterans will also be present at the event. William L. Courtright, mayor of Scranton, will be issuing a proclamation in honor of a long ago Scranton Chief of Police.

Additionally, Kuhn’s Classic Memories from Williamsport, Pennsylvania will be in the cemetery with a Victorian hearse, undertakers, and horses on both Sundays.

The Dunmore Cemetery Tour was voted the Best History Centered Event for 2014 by Happenings Magazine readers and now draws in well over 1,500 tour attendees from all over the East Coast.

“It’s such a joy to see so many people coming from so many different places,” said Esty, “and they come back year after year.”

The tour is presented by the Dearly Departed Players, who have been voluntarily performing together for many years, and they will perform under Etsy’s direction. Among their ranks are historical interpreters, local history authors, musicians, dancers and theater technicians.

Attendees are advised to arrive early to view exhibits. More information can be found on Facebook under the page entitled: “The Dunmore Cemetery Tour.”

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