Letter to the Editor: Friends of the Forgotten

Recently, the Friends of the Forgotten Inc. N.E. Wing, dedicated the Lackawanna County Korean Memorial to 71 brave men from Lackawanna County who gave the supreme sacrifice while serving their country in the Korean War.  This was a huge undertaking that surprisingly was completed in slightly over one year.

The Friends of the Forgotten would like to thank all those who assisted us in this undertaking.  We would especially like to thank Lackawanna County Commissioner Patrick O’Malley for his invaluable assistance in obtaining a Lackawanna County Community Reinvest Grant.  Without his assistance in this matter, we would certainly not have accomplished our goal in time.

To the Borough of Dunmore, we thank you for all the wonderful cooperation that you provided.  To those who assisted us by donating time, labor or monetary assistance, thank you.  And finally, to those who gave their lives as well as all Korean Veterans whose service has allowed so many millions of South Koreans to live in freedom, we owe more than we could possibly say.

Thank you.

Edward Faatz, President
Friends of the Forgotten, Inc. North East Wing

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