Steve Borgia Named Scholar-Athlete of Year by LIAA

Steve BorgiaBy Steve Svetovich

Dunmore High School graduating senior Steve Borgia is the male recipient of the Lackawanna Interscholastic Athletic Association (LIAA) scholar-athlete of the year award. 

“This is a great honor that goes far beyond athletics,” the Dunmore quarterback said. “This is about my teachers, coaches, teammates and my parents. They all took part in it. Everyone in Dunmore High School is a part of this. I could not have received this award without all of these great people who took part in it.”

Son of Steve and Terry Borgia, Dunmore, the scholar-athlete was a key member of Dunmore’s football, baseball and basketball teams. 

He was quarterback and defensive back on the football team, center fielder on the baseball team and a guard on the basketball team. Steve had a 3.8 academic average at Dunmore. He said his best subject is math and will study architectural engineering at Penn State University in the fall. 

He simply excelled on the football team earning first team all-star selections on offense and defense and first team All-Region for defense as a sophomore, first-team all-star for defense as a junior and first-team All-Region for defense and first-team All-State on offense as a senior. 

The senior stalwart passed for 1,294 yards this past season under Dunmore football coach Kevin McHale. He combined for over 20 touchdowns passing or running. 

His career totals include 2.007 passing yards, 21 touchdown passes, 1,110 rushing yards for 16 touchdowns, 368 receiving yards for four touchdowns, four touchdowns returning punts and kicks and eight interceptions as a defensive back. 

Football was more than his forte as he demonstrated versatility from numerous positions on the field.

He talked about what it takes to excel as a high school quarterback. “You need to know what is going on in your surroundings and how to read defenses. It really slows the game down. It makes the game a lot easier.”

Steve said he has spent time fishing, golfing and working during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I missed baseball,” he said. “It was not a good feeling to not have a baseball season.”

The three-sport standout said he has learned a lot from his parents. 

“They teach me to express myself in a good manner on the field and in the classroom and be appreciative to those around me.”

Confident and team-oriented, the talented senior said he owes a lot to Dunmore football coach Kevin McHale. “I learned perseverance from him. He teaches you to persevere and never give up. It kept us in a lot of games and won some games for us.”

Steve said he enjoys listening to music and is a big fan of country singer Chris Stapleton.

He credits his high grade point average in school to learning how to manage time. “When you are playing a lot of sports,” he said, “managing your time for the classroom is so important. It sets you up in the classroom.”

Steve said he is looking forward to studying at Penn State and becoming an engineer. 

He leaves Dunmore High School with great memories.

“Dunmore was awesome,” he said. “I had so many great mentors. The teachers and coaches set us up for success both for high school and after graduation. There are so many great people in the Dunmore community.” 

Athlete of the Month: Steve Borgia

4ECE4150-7177-4ED4-8F62-C98128152107By Steve Svetovich

Dunmore junior quarterback Steve Borgia is a true scholar-athlete.

Son of Steve and Terry Borgia, Dunmore, he knows the importance of excelling in the classroom as well as being a leader in the three sports he participates in: football, baseball and basketball.

With a 98 academic average currently in his back pocket, the junior signal caller ran for two touchdowns and passed for another in Dunmore’s 49-0 route over Riverside Friday, Sept. 21, at Taylor.

The diminutive quarterback ran 51 and 33 yards for touchdowns in the first and second quarter and completed a 48-yard touchdown toss to Cristian Buckley in the first quarter in the win over Riverside.

Steve comes from a strong football family. His uncle Bill Lazor, former Scranton Central quarterback, played football at Cornell University and is the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals. He has been an NFL coach for various teams over the past two decades.

bucksSteve is a starting guard, averaging seven points and three assists, on the Dunmore basketball team. He is the starting center fielder, hitting .280, for the Dunmore baseball team.

He hit his first high school home run last year as a member of the Dunmore baseball team. “That was pretty cool,” he said. “I hit it straight over centerfield. It was nice, a big thrill for me.”

Steve converted to quarterback this football season. He was a wide receiver-cornerback as a sophomore last season. As a freshman, he started most of the second half at cornerback.

He talked about what it takes to be a good high school quarterback. “You need to be smart and know what your teammates are doing. You need to be a strong leader.”

Steve talked about what it is like playing for Dunmore legendary coach Jack Henzes who has been away from the team thus far this season due to illness. “We are playing for him this year. We miss him greatly, but his presence is there and that helps us work harder. He is always on us to be better. We are hoping to see him back on the field this year.

“Coach Henzes always teaches us to stay together as a team and always work hard.”

Kevin McHale, Dunmore’s defensive coordinator, is coaching the Bucks in coach Henzes’ absence.

“He is doing a great job. Things are not much different. He follows coach Henzes’ rituals. Coach Henzes taught his coaches how to run the team.”

Steve, whose best subject is math, plans to study engineering in college. He wants to go to Penn State University in State College.

Playing three sports and maintaining a 98 academic average is not an easy task. “I pay close attention in class and manage my time wisely,” he said.

The talented, humble scholar- athlete said he has learned a lot from his parents. “They teach me to carry myself well on and off the field and be smart with my actions.”

Steve is a member of SADD, TACT and the French Club at Dunmore High School. He enjoys hip hop and rap music and would like to see Travis Scott in concert.

JVfootballThe Dunmore football team had some ups and some downs early on this season, but the junior stalwart expects only ups the rest of the way. “We are improving every day,” he said. “We will be very good and keep improving the rest of the season. We expect this to be a very strong year for us.”

He talked about his future goals. “I want to become an engineer and move to a big city where I can design things. I will keep playing the three sports and enjoy that until the time comes to study engineering, hopefully at Penn State. Then I will concentrate on that.”