Dunmore native releases fourth book

"Key West Salvation" is the fourth book released by Bill Ciccotti.

“Key West Salvation” is the fourth book released by Bill Ciccotti.

“Key West Salvation”, the second book of the “Key West Pentagon,” by Dunmore native Bill Ciccotti is now available through Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

It is the story of misfits in the Florida Keys. Black op stone killers and X-Navy SEALS, biker gangs, serial killers, Cuban misadventures and mob wars. Throw in a shipwreck on a deserted island, the ghost of a pirate and the Ukrainian Mob, plus escapees from the nursing home, a trip to Baja Mexico with Elvis, yes the real Elvis and you’ve got one giant carnival of adventure. Oh yeah, throw in some hard drinking and tropical sunsets. Now you’ve got yourself a real page turner, jam-packed with untamed action and humor at every step of the way.

Bill Ciccotti lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He married his high school sweetheart, they have two children. Bill has written several other books, including “My Father’s Son,” “Reality Is Strange” and “Key West Redemption.”

“Key West Redemption” has also been released in hardcover copy. It will be available as an audiobook in September.


Bill is currently finishing up a Western novelette and is working on a third “Key West” adventure, “Key West Convergent,” unofficially slated to be released in this coming June. The new book is embellished truth but entirely fictitious.

Fourth and fifth “Key West” books have been signed up for, and the story lines for both have been approved. Look for the “Key West” adventures to continue with this wild gang of characters as they cause trouble all over the tropics and beyond.