Scholar of the Month: Jack Maloney

The Dunmorean Scholar of the Month for January is Jack Maloney, son of Casey and Erin Maloney. A student at Scranton Prep, Jack’s activities include basketball, baseball, Spanish Club, Business Club, Chess Club, shadowing program, and freshman orientation guide.

Jack’s favorite sport is basketball, and he likes the following quote by Tim Notke: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Jack believes in working hard every day toward one’s goals. To prepare for a game, he listens to pump-up music, and does stretches and visualizations of the plays.

His favorite subject is English, and he loves to read and write. Jack says: “There is nothing better than reading a piece of literature and being in suspense, wondering what will happen next.”

His favorite place to visit is his grandparents; house, which is just a few blocks from his, and his favorite way to relax is is to out back to play basketball with some music. He also likes to hang out with his friends and younger cousins during his free time.

Jack’s favorite spot in Dunmore is Grande Pizza, where he goes often with his friends. “It is a fun, local place to watch sports and eat great food.”  

Jack says, “I love growing up in Dunmore because it is such a close-knit and kind community. I have made so many friends at Prep, but I am still so close with my buddies from Dunmore. When I reached sixth grade, I gained a lot more freedom to go out and walk around with my friends down near the Corners, where we would get food and just hang out. I love that we can walk around and have many businesses to visit within a short distance. 

Jack Maloney, Dunmorean Scholar of the Month is shown with his parents, Casey and Erin Maloney of Dunmore, and his sisters, Mollie, 8, second from left, and Ally, 13, second from right. Jack is a sophomore at Scranton Prep.

“I have learned many things from growing up in Dunmore, such as how to be a good neighbor, how to help others, how to be a good friend, and how important it is to have strong values and morals. It’s important to be willing to help others in the community when needed. People of Dunmore are tightly bonded together and root each other on in a positive way. 

Jack’s goal after high school is to attend the University of Notre Dame (“My dream school”), and then attend law school and one day join my uncle’s law firm, Maloney Law P.C. 

Jack’s high school plan is “to enjoy everything and not take anything for granted. I do not want to look back years from now and regret not doing something, which is why I try to get involved with anything I can and try new things. I want to make sure to excel, not only in academics and sports but also to help out in the community and contribute to something more important. “

Jack’s advice for others? “My hope for other Dunmore kids is to be selfless and just take a little time out of your day to help a neighbor or friend, who you see is struggling. Sometimes it only takes a second to listen or just be kind.  That can help turn someone’s day around.”