Athlete of the Month: Emma Conte

By Steve Svetovich

Dunmore Lady Bucks senior shortstop Emma Conte is once again among the Lackawanna League Division III leaders in homers and batting average.

Emma, 18, at press time was leading Lackawanna League Division III hitters with six home runs. She was also among the league’s leading hitters with a .522 batting average.

And last season she hit a robust .550 with seven homers.

Daughter of Rich and Kim Conte, Emma is a three-year member of the Dunmore softball team. She is a two-year member of the Dunmore Lady Bucks volleyball team and is a member of the Spanish Club, French Club, SADD and TACT. Emma has a 91 grade point average at Dunmore.

A transfer from Riverside, where she played softball as a freshman, she was first team all-state, All Regional and a first-team Lackawanna League all-star last season.

Emma has not selected a college yet, but knows she wants to continue her softball career and study to become a physician’s assistant.

The slick fielding senior shortstop said her parents taught her a lot about the game. “They both played and were pretty good at it, so I learned a lot from them. They tell me to always be at my best and to be a leader. They tell me to get my teammates going. Keep them up.”

She talked about her future goals. “I want to continue playing softball in college and study to become a physician’s assistant. I want to work hard and get a good job.”

Emma, personable and hard working, said she enjoys listening to music in her spare time and would like to see Post Malone in concert.

The senior standout talked about what it takes to excel at the shortstop position in high school softball. “You need to be loud and call out the plays. You need to be a leader and keep your team up and positive. You need to be able to pick your team up when things aren’t going right.”

She has learned a lot from Dunmore Lady Bucks softball coach Ryan Ferguson. “He is a great coach,” Emma said. “I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned from him. He teaches us we have to work as a team. He is very big on that. He tells me I have to be a leader. He is not just a coach, but a friend to all of us. We are a team under him.”

Well-spoken and always positive, Emma said she has thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Dunmore.

“We have great success here at Dunmore because of my teammates. We all get along so well. You are playing with your best friends.

“My teammates are my best friends on and off the field. We work as a close knit team.

“And that is one of the big reasons I love it here at Dunmore. I have the best friends and teammates all in one.”

Emma Conte on Hitting Tear for Lady BucksĀ 

By Steve Svetovich

Sometimes you just get in a groove and it doesn’t stop.

Take Dunmore Lady Bucks junior shortstop Emma Conte, for instance.

Daughter of Rich and Kim Conte, Emma credits her off-season work with former minor league shortstop and Scranton Central and Millersville product Phil Rossi for the great strides she has made with her hitting stroke.

“I worked with Phil Rossi a lot in the off-season months,” she said. “He is just a tremendous private instructor and taught me a lot about hitting in order to improve my game. I have to give him a lot of credit for my improvement.”

Emma is so hot that she went 3-for-4 with three RBIs and a double in a 7-5 win over Lakeland on Friday, April 30; 3-for-4 with two RBIs in a 4-3 loss to Carbondale on Monday, April 26; 3-for-4 with two doubles and two RBIs in an 8-7 loss to Holy Cross on Thursday, April 22; and 4-for-4 with two runs, two doubles and four RBIs in a 7-2 win over Riverside on Monday, April 19. 

At press time, Emma is hitting a scintillating .581, with six doubles and a homer. She has simply been on a hitting tear all season.

The junior stalwart also plays a fabulous shortstop. “To be a good shortstop in high school softball,” she said, “you need to connect with your team and be a leader. You need to be able to bring a teammate up when they are down. You need to lead the cheering. Make your teammates cheer.”

A vocal leader on the team, Emma said she wants to continue her softball career in college. Not sure yet about a college, Emma said she does want to major in Early Childhood Education and eventually teach young children.

Her hobbies include fishing, hanging with friends, and going to her family beach house in Florida.

Emma Conte is shown with her off-season coach Phil Rossi, who she credits with improving her hitting.

She also gives a lot of credit to Dunmore softball coach Ryan Ferguson and his assistant Colleen Ross. “They are both great coaches and taught me a lot.”

Emma’s parents also have been strong mentors. “They teach me how to play with my teammates. Be a leader. Be a team player and good teammate.”

This is Emma’s first year on the Dunmore Lady Bucks softball team. She hit a strong .400 as a freshman at Riverside. Her sophomore softball season was lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic and then she transferred to Dunmore. 

She has a 94 academic average and said her best subject is English. She is a member of the Spanish Club. She also plays volleyball. 

At press time her team had a 4-5 record, but she sees a lot of improvement with the team. “We are really playing well together now,” she said. “We are doing well lately and hitting now. This team is going to bring it up a lot. We are going to light it up.”

A confident leader on the team, Emma said her future goals are to continue playing softball and become a teacher. She would like to see Post Malone in concert.

She continued with her praise of Rossi who once led the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League with a .448 average while playing at Dunmore’s Schautz Stadium in the summer of 1975. “He just knows so much about the game.” 

Well spoken and talkative, Emma said she is enjoying her experience at Dunmore. “I love it,” she said. “Everyone is so friendly. The softball team is so close.”