Dunmorean of the Month: Geoffrey Pizzuto

Geoffrey PizzutoBy Steve Svetovich

The Lackawanna Blind Association was fortunate to have Geoffrey Pizutto, a junior at Scranton Prep, to help build a sign as part of his Eagle Scout project.

The Scranton Prep junior, as part of his project, built a sign in front of the property in downtown Scranton.

He designed the sign which was approved by the Blind Assiciation and Boy Scout Troop 66, Dunmore.

To complete the project, Geoffrey had to raise money through local businesses who donated material items and money.

Once materials were purchased, he went about assembling the signs. The hard working junior used genuine power tools, some which he needed to learn how to operate.

After the sign was built, he and the helpers managed landscaping and other needed duties.

Eagle Scout projectThe sign was built at the Lackawanna Blind Association in downtown Scranton across from  the Lackawanna County Courthouse.

Son of Geoffrey and Rose Pizzuto, the Scranton Prep honor student is a Scout with Troop 66 of Dunmore. He is a member of the Scranton Prep wrestling team and Mock Trial team.

An accomplished jazz pianist, he performed at the Scranton Jazz Festival for the past two years.

“The Blind Association was looking for someone to help out,” said Geoffrey. “I looked at this as an opportunity and I jumped on it.”

Geoffrey has a 3.8 grade point average at Scranton Prep. His best subjects are Latin and Math. But he said his favorite thing to do is play the piano.

“I see it as something I can be doing in the future,” he said.

Geoffrey, well rounded as a student, learned piano from the retired Ray Cramer, Dalton, a classical pianist, and Bill Carter, Clarks Summit, a jazz pianist.

He talked more about his Eagle Scout project.

“I planned it in June, started the work in August and finished in September. I planted myself with the help of other scouts and my parents. It was a big collaborative effort that took three months.

“It felt great to get it done. It felt great to help the community and the Blind Association. There is still a lot left to do to obtain the Eagle Scout rank.

“Being a part of the Boy Scouts has been fantastic for me. I met two of my best friends through the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts helped me develop leadership and survivor skills. Joining the Boy Scouts is one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Dominic Pace is the leader of Scout Troop 66, Dunmore. “He is a great guy,” Geoffrey said. “I learned a lot from him.”

Jazz pianistGeoffrey performed at the Jazz Camp Crenscenda this past summer as part of the Scranton Jazz Festival.

“My dream is to attend the University of Pennsylvania if I get accepted there. If not, I may go to my mom’s alma mater, Villanova University. I am not sure what I will major in, but I would like to take music as a minor. I may eventually want to go to law school, but would like to always continue with music and see where it takes me.

“Scranton Prep is a great school. I am happy to have the opportunity to go there. I have great classes. There are excellent extra curricular activities. Scranton Prep was a great choice for me.”

Geoffrey, polite and well spoken, credits his parents and others for helping him with the Eagle Scout project. He also credits friends Robert Troy and Bryan Wozniak, his uncle Mark Darbienzo and family friend Ruben Guarneros.

Guarneros is a carpenter who oversaw the project.

“Everybody played a huge part in it,” he said.

Dunmorean Robert Bistran Achieves Honor of Eagle Scout



Robert Bistran, a senior at Dunmore High School, officially earned the rank of Eagle Scout during a ceremony on January 15 at the Dunmore Presbyterian Church.

For his Eagle Scout Service Project, Robert constructed a seating area at St. Michael’s Byzantine Cemetery on the Oneill Highway. A member of Dunmore Troop 66, Robert has proudly been a part of the Boy Scouts of America for seven years.

Dunmorean of the Month: Zachary Pyeron

dunmorean-of-the-month-pyeronBy Steve Svetovich

Zachary Pyeron knows he has to overcome some obstacles in life to be successful.

With a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome, which is in the Autism spectrum, he often has to work a little harder to prove himself.

Son of Tom and Paula Pyeron, Scranton, Zachary, 18, is a senior at Scranton High School and a very proud member of Dunmore Boy Scout Troop No. 66. His father is a former resident of Dunmore.

He recently earned his Eagle Scout badge. That is a big achievement for Zachary. It took a lot of hard work, but it is hard work he did with both passion and compassion.

He loves to help others, and he is not afraid of a challenge.

Zachary’s Eagle Scout project was to sand, paint and re-finish a rod iron fence around the Dunmore Presbyterian Church. With the help of eight adults and 14 scouts, it took five days to complete the project. The group worked on it for two and one-half weekends.

The group received a special plaque from the church pastor Kenneth Forbes in recognition of their hard work.

It is not the first time Zachary was recognized for his community service work.

He previously received two Boy Scout awards, given by the Bishop, for religious and community service work. He received the Ad Altare Dei award and the Pope Pius XII award. He was the only member of the Scranton Diocese to receive the Pope Pius XII award for his religious work in the community. 


A wrought iron fence at the Dunmore Presbyterian Church was refinished by Pteron as his Eagle Scout project. Shown from left are: Geoff Pizzuto, Jon and Ryan Woniak, Zachary Pyeron, Dunmore Presbyterian Church Pastor Kenneth Forbes, church representative Frank Stieler, Bob Hogan, Matt and Bill Culkin, and Matt Taylor.

Zachary is a member of the Latin Club at Scranton High School where he has a 92 academic average. He is a high honors student.

He is an altar server at Saint Anthony’s Church, Dunmore, and is a member of Saint Mary’s Church Youth Group in Dunmore.

He has been involved in scouting for the past four years.

“I really love camping,” he said.

Dominic Pace, his scout leader, asked him to sit in on a group September 11, 2012, and the rest has been history.

Zachary loved scouting right from the start.

He enjoys everything about the camping experience. “When they give me the option of taking a tent or a cabin, I always take the tent,” he said.

Zachary said he is undecided about a college, but would like to study graphic design.

Zachary said he loves everything about scouting. “I love the outdoors and everything scouting has taught me. I especially enjoy giving back to the community.”

After earning his Eagle Scout badge, Zachary said he will take on an active role as an adult member of Dunmore Boy Scout Troop No. 66.

He said scouting helped him with leadership, socialization and first aid skills.

His future goals include going to college and remaining an active adult member of his Dunmore Boy Scout Troop No. 66.

Zachary has overcome a few obstacles already in his young life. Those with Aspergers sometimes are lacking in some socialization skills, but scouting has put Zachary on the right track to success and he intends to stay there.

Congratulations to Zachary Pyeron for a job well done.