Mayor’s Message: June 2022

By Max Conway
Mayor of Dunmore

This month I am thrilled to announce that our “Safe Transfer Zone” is up and running outside our Police Department on Blakely Street! With the increasing number of online sales, it is important to remain vigilant while conducting online business.

A safe transfer zone is a place where people involved in online transactions (Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, etc.) can meet SAFELY and exchange goods in a secured and monitored location. In addition to online transactions, it is also a place where you can safely handle child custody transfers and other domestic matters. A huge “thank you” to our Police Department for making this idea a reality!

Here are some tips for staying safe when buying and selling online:

• Meet at a police station or a location with a safe exchange zone under the watch of surveillance cameras. Do not jeopardize your safety for the sake of convenience.

• Do NOT accept a last-second change in location under any circumstance. This is a common tactic used to lure people to potentially dangerous areas.

• Be cautious of high-value items (current phones or laptops) that have a “too good to be true” list price. Sellers may use the low price as a reason for you to have to accommodate them, and meet them in a questionable location.

• Always try to bring an extra person when buying or selling.

• Keep all communication with the buyer/seller on the app. Do not give your personal information. It is best if the conversation is linked to all accounts involved.

• Use the app to look at the profile of the buyer/seller. Does the service offer a verified status? If it’s Facebook, is it a new profile with little to no information? Craigslist works with almost total anonymity and offers the fewest safeguards.

• If possible, do not use cash. Apps such as Venmo, PayPal, and Cash have made securely transferring money possible. Carrying cash is a liability and could set you up to be a victim of a violent crime.

Rep. Cartwright Awards Art Competition Winners

U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright (PA-08) recently announced the winners of the 2022 Congressional Art Competition for the Eighth Congressional District.

Rep. Cartwright hosted a virtual reception over Zoom to announce the top prizes, and later, he met the winners and their guests and teachers at the Everhart Museum in Scranton.

SHOWN LEFT: Mackenzie Grem of Dunmore High School received third place for her photograph titled Rear View Mirror.

Grace Czankner from Dunmore High School received honorable mention for her colored pencil drawing titled Kitten in Autumn.

Dunmore Center Fielder Nico Ruggiero is Big Hitter

By Steve Svetovich

Swing and hit.

That’s the approach Dunmore junior center fielder Nico Ruggiero takes on the baseball diamond.

Son of Vito and Christine Ruggiero of Dunmore, Nico, 17, was one of the Lackawanna League Division III leading hitters this season with an impressive .500 batting average.

An aggressive hitter at the plate, Nico added a homer, five doubles and 25 RBIs to his season totals.

A three-year member of the Dunmore baseball team under coach Sid Hallinan, he batted .333 last season.

A left-handed hitter, Nico is also a southpaw pitcher for the Bucks. He picked up two wins this season.

Well versed and multi-talented, Nico is a three-sport athlete and has a 94 academic average at Dunmore. His best academic subject is history.

He is a three-year member of the Dunmore football and basketball teams.

The scholar-athlete is a running back on the football team. He rushed for 525 yards and six touchdowns last season. He received honorable mention for football.

Nico is a talented point guard on the Dunmore basketball team.

Dunmore lost in the first round of the district playoffs to Nanticoke, 6-1.

“It was a bittersweet ending to the baseball season,” he said. “We had a nice season and were in the playoffs, but we lost the game. I am going to really miss the seniors on the team. I’m going to play summer baseball for the Sandlot Academy and will start concentrating on football.”

The talented junior said his parents taught him some good lessons. “The main thing they teach me is to always be humble. And to stay humble.”

Confident and hard working, Nico said Coach Hallinan taught him how to be a good leader.

“He’s a great baseball coach and taught us a lot.”

The heavy hitter said he wants to play baseball in college and possibly major in criminal justice.

“My goal is to play college baseball and get a degree. I want to get a good job after college. I want to continue with sports as long as possible.”

Nico said he likes listening to music in his spare time and would like to see Little Baby, a rap artist, in concert.

With a strong academic average and as a starter in three sports, Nico said he has it all down when it comes to balancing his time. “I go to my practices and then I come home and keep studying until all the material is learned.”

And with all of that consuming his time, Nico is making the best of his experience at Dunmore High School.

His strong work ethic makes it all worthwhile.

“It’s a lot of fun,” he said. “It’s fun being here at Dunmore.”