Artist of the Month: Maria Ragnacci

artist Maria Ragnacci

Maria Ragnacci is shown with two of her paintings, “Turquoise and Velvet,” a fascinating use of color and light, and “The Red Fence,” a painting of her back yard.

Maria Ragnacci has certainly progressed from her first attempt at painting: “My very first experience with painting was a “paint by numbers” kit, a gift from my mother when I was 18,” she says.

I was hooked!  I loved working with paint and canvas, but I decided that I didn’t want to ‘stay in the line.s’  I love the freedom to do my own thing and paint what I see,” Maria explains.

Most of Maria’s paintings are from pictures in magazines, photos that she has taken, and her  own originals.  She recently completed portraits of her five grandchildren.

“Turquoise and Velvet,” pictured here, fascinated her by its use of color and light. “The Red Fence” is a painting of her back yard.

 “With help and guidance from our teacher, Jill Swersie, I feel that I have greatly improved and accomplished more than I could ever have imagined,” Maria explains. “ The class at the Dunmore Activity Hub is more than just a place a place to paint.  The encouragement, camaraderie and friendship of fellow painters makes us likea family.”

 ‘There are many other programs and activities for people to take advantage of that are equally enriching.  The Dunmore Activity Hub, under the direction of Allison Boga, is truly one of Dunmore’s “Gems!” Maria points out.

Note: At press time, The Dunmorean did not have a projected date for the re-opening of the Dunmore Activity Hub.

Artist of the Month: Jean Mountford

Artist of Month

Jean Mountford is shown with one of her favorite paintings, “Lighthouse and Shallows.”

Jean Mountford of Scranton is the February, 2020,  Artist of the Month at Dunmore Activity Hub. Her “Lighthouse and Shallows” painting, pictured here, is one of her favorites. 

She states, “I love lighthouses and water scenes, finding them so tranquil and serene.”

Jean started painting decades ago, but transitioned into oil painting around nine years ago, when she started going to the Dunmore Senior Center art classes with her sister, Jan, last month’s Artist of the Month. 

She enthusiastically commented: “The class is great fun!  There is so much talent there. It is great inspiration just to see what everyone is working on,  and the support is wonderful. Plus, Jill Swersie, our wonderful instructor, keeps a wide library of pictures on hand to help us with ideas.”

Jean says she finds inspiration in photos, cards, and just about anywhere. She enjoys painting, her class, and classmates and thanks instructor Jill Swersie as well as Allison Boga, the Center’s Director, for this valuable and fun opportunity.

Artist of the Month: Dolores Domenick-Noll

Artist of the Month

Dolores Dominick-Noll is shown with her current project which she is painting for her daughter. Dolores favors a primitive style of painting as shown in this example.

By Dolores Dominick-Noll

This is the largest painting I’ve ever attempted.  It originated because my daughter has a frame this size and she asked me to paint something to fit it.  

The subject came mostly from my imagination and, if it looks slightly “busy,” it’s because I keep adding to it. 

Other artists have told me that my style is “primitive,” and I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I’ll keep at it and hope that it evolves.

I joined the Dunmore Senior Center Art class about seven years ago and, although I have a degree in music therapy, I find art to be very therapeutic as well,  I realize that I’m no Renoir, but when I’m painting, my mind is free from all other thoughts,

Our class consists of a friendly, supportive group of seasoned painters, as well as those who are beginning to explore their ability. We are very fortunate to have Jill Swersie –- a very gifted artist herself –- sharing her talent as our instructor.

We meet weekly at the Center at 1414 Monroe Avenue in Dunmore. Come join us!