Actors Circle To Present “Rule of Three”

Actors Circle is presenting Agatha Christie’s Rule of Three, which features three short plays: Afternoon at the Seaside, The Rats, and The Patient

Directed by Kate Martin and Peter Miles the show continues Thursday through Saturday, Feb., 6, 7, 8, at 8 p.m., and Sunday Feb. 9, at 2 p.m. 

Tickets are $12 general admission, $10 seniors,and  $8 students.. This trilogy is presented at Providence Playhouse, 1256 Providence Road. in Scranton. 

Call 570-342-9707 for reservations or email to tickets at Reservations are held until 10 minutes before show time.

Dunmoreans who are working on this show include Crista Gaskill and Katie Gardier, as well as Dunmore native Cathy Rist Strauch.

Other members include: Marnie Azzarelli, Emma Holmes, Emily Knoepful, Gerardo Barone, Rafe Rickard, Justin O’Hearn, Katie O’Hearn, and Grace Kapacs. Stephanie Booth,  Connor Martin, and producers Lou Bisignani and J.P. McGowan.

Afternoon at the Seaside concerns a whimsical day by the sea in a British resort, where an emerald necklace has been stolen and the inspector must investigate an extraordinary mix of characters. 

The Rats features adulterous lovers, Sandra and David, who are called to the Torrance’s flat for evening drinks, only to find nobody home. What first appears to be a simple mix-up of dates, turns to something far more sinister when the pair are locked in and then framed for murder.

In The Patient, the title character has been horribly injured in a fall from her balcony. She is unable to communicate, and it could have been an accident, attempted suicide, or even worse, a cold-blooded murder. As relatives gather around her hospital bed, the tension builds as Mrs. Wingfield tries to convey a message that could solve the mystery.

Actors Circle Presents “Dearly Departed”

Actors Circle Cathy and Justin

Cathy Risk Strauch, at left, a native of Dunmore, is shown in rehearsal with Justin O’Hearn for the upcoming presentation of Dearly Departed by Actors Circle.

Actors Circle will present Dearly Departed by David Botrell and Jesse Jones on Dec. 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, and 15 at Providence Playhouse, 1256 Providence Road, Scranton. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday performances are at 8 p.m.  Sundays at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $12 general admission; $10 seniors, $8 students. On Thurs,Dec.  5, tickets are $8, general and seniors, and $6 students. For reservations call 570-342-9707, or email to  

Actors Circle brings back this drop-dead funny crowd favorite from 2008. Not since Steel Magnolias has a more colorful and dysfunctional group of Southern eccentrics gathered below the Mason-Dixon line. When the patriarch of the Turpin family keels over, the struggle to get him buried involves the whole clan, including the not-so-grieving widow who wants to put “Mean and Surly” on the tombstone.

Directed by Mark Fryer, members of the cast include: Jeff Ginsberg, Linda C. Griffiths, Kelly Kapacs, Victoria Kusy, Lorrie Loughney, Justin O’Hearn, Bernard M. Ott, Brink Powell, Harry Powell, Tony Ranielli, Marcie Herman Riebe, Cathy Rist Strauch, a native of Dunmore, and Amanda VanBuskirk.

Actors Circle to Present “Pygmalion”


Front row, from left: Lisa Chokola, Mark Fryer, Emma Ross, David Hunisch and Carol Davis. Standing, same order: Cathy Rist Strauch, director; Linda Chavez, Jeff Ginsberg, John McInerney, Dominick Azzarelli, Bernard M. Ott, Katie Von Bergen, Jane Foy, Maddie Giardina, Tricia Henning, David Alejandro Smith, Carol Arena, Corey Kelly, Lorrie Loughney and Amanda VanBuskirk.

Actors Circle is presenting Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw on May 2, 3, 4 and 5 at Providence Playhouse, 1256 Providence Road, Scranton.  Directred by Cathy Rist Strauch, shows are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are $12, general, $10 seniors, and $8

For reservations call: 570-342-9707, or email to  All reservations are held until 10 minutes before show time.  For more information, visit Actors Circle on facebook, or

Professor Henry Higgins, a linguistic expert, takes on a bet that he can transform an awkward cockney flower seller into a refined young lady simply by polishing her manners and changing the way she speaks.  One of Shaw’s best known plays, the play was also the basis for the musical version, My Fair Lady.

Members of the cast are: David Hunisch as Professor Higgins, Mark Fryer as Col. Pickering, Emma Ross as Eliza Doolittle, Dominick Azzarelli as Alfred Doolittle, Lorrie Loughney as Mrs. Pearce, Carol Davis as Mrs. Higgins, Katie Von Bergen as Mrs. Eynsford Hill, Maddie Giardina as Clara Hill, David Alejandro Smith as Freddy Hill, Jeff Ginsberg as Nepommuck. Additional cast members are: Bernard Ott, Jane Foy, Tricia Henning, Amanda VanBuskirk, Lisa Chokola, Linda Chavez, Corey Kelly, and John McInerney.  Carol Arena is costume designer.Jill Wetzel and her husband, Gerhed, will be performing as ballroom dancers for the special ballroom gala scene in this production. Others are: Don Strasburger and Kathy Venne, John McInerney and Carol Davis.


Leading actors in “Pygmalion” include, in front, Emma Ross as Eliza Doolittle. Standing: Mark Fryer as Colonel Pickering and David Hunisch as Professor Henry Higgins.

Director Cathy Rist Strauch, a native Dunmorean, has been active with Actors Circle for 32 years, serving on the board in several capacities, including president, secretary, ongoing publicist, and finance.  

She has been involved in theater for over 50 years, as well, including Anthracite Opera Company, Standing Room Only, Corner Bistro, Mount Airy Lodge, and most recently with Diva Productions in the One Acts.  

Cathy has been nominated for Northeast Pennsylvania Theatrical Alliance (NEPTA) Awards, both in acting and directing, and recently for her assistance in costuming for Auntie Mame, and set design for Actor’s Circle’s production of The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie.  

When not at Actors Circle (her second home, according to her husband) Cathy can be found working as a standardized patient for Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, where her daughter, Cecilia, is a second-year med student, or at the Tunkhannock office of the Wyoming County Press Examiner.

Mrs. Strauch’s other daughters are Janine, a nurse at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, and Allison, a sophomore business major at West Chester University. Cathy is married to Joseph Strauch, a school director for Lackawanna Trail in Factoryville.  

Cathy grew up on Clay Avenue in the Hollywood section of Dunmore.  She is on of children of the late Marion McCabe Rist, also a native of Dunmore, and the late Harold W. Rist.  Her siblings are Daniel, Sean (of Rist Construction), Maureen, and Mark. Cathy also attended the same school as her mother, St. Mary of Mt. Carmel. (now named Our Lady of Mt. Carmel).