Senior Cadie Lewis picking up Dunmore Lady Bucks

By Steve Svetovich

With teammates Ciera Toomey and Sophia Talutto out with injuries, Dunmore senior point guard Cadie Lewis is picking up the number two ranked Lady Bucks.

And the team just keeps rolling along and winning.

After Talutto was injured at the end of the first quarter in a recent game against Riverside, Cadie picked her team up and scored 26 points in leading her team to a 65-36 win over the Lady Vikings.

Daughter of Tom and Michelle Lewis, Cadie is among the league’s leading scorers averaging 10 points per contest. She also leads the league in 3-pointers averaging over two per game. An unselfish player, Cadie averages 4.5 assists per game from her point guard position.

A four-year member of the basketball team, the well-spoken senior has a highly impressive 99 academic average. She is a four-year member and co-captain of the Dunmore football cheerleaders. She is a two year member and captain of the Lady Bucks softball team.

Cadie is also a member of the National Honor Society, TACT, SADD, and the Service Club.

She talked about what it takes to excel at the point guard position in high school basketball. “You need to be both confident and humble in your game,” she said. “You need to know your teammates well, make the right shots, and take care of the ball.”

With two starters injured, Cadie knew she had to pick her game up. “With Ciera out a good part of the season, and then with Sophia out, I knew it was time to step it up. I had to make the right plays and right shots. I’m used to being a defensive player, so I had to step it up a bit on the offensive end.”

Articulate and hard-working, Cadie said she has applied to Marywood University, Kings College, and Neumann University to study in the physician’s assistant program. All are five-year programs.

“I want to study to become a physician’s assistant,” she said. “I definitely would love to play college basketball if given the opportunity.”

Cadie has other goals in her future. “I want to become financially independent and travel the world,” she said. “I would love to travel to Italy and Greece.”

The senior scholar-athlete said she loves the musical artist Adele. “I would absolutely love to see her in concert. No matter where, I would try to get there. If I had the time to get there, I would. I love her.”

Cadie, who always seems to look at the bottle as half-full, praised new Dunmore basketball coach Carrie Bowen Toomey. “She showed me how to read my teammates out on the floor. She gave me more confidence to get to the basket and look for my shot.”

Cool and confident, Cadie has learned a lot from her parents. “They taught me the importance of hard work,” she said. “They tell me to work to the best of my ability and put my best foot forward.”

Cadie said she has enjoyed her experience at Dunmore. “I love Dunmore,” she said. “It is a close knit community. It’s a great place to grow up. Dunmore is a great school. You see all familiar faces in the crowd at the games. Everyone supports us. We see the teachers the day after a game at school and they are all congratulating us. Everyone is just so supportive both in and out of school.”

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