Dunmore’s Historical Society Closing

The Dunmore Historical Board voted on a plan on March 15 to sell the building and disband the Dunmore Historical Society in accordance with its bylaws.

Over the past five years, the society has experienced a loss of volunteers and board members. 

Additionally, the increasing financial difficulties of maintaining and repairing damage incurred by storms and natural deterioration of the building, has become too much to continue. More and more time and money is being spent in an attempt to maintain an old building, taking resources from research and preservation of our history.

Recent estimates to repair and maintain the building for the next five years are between $300,000-$500,000. All attempts for assistance through grants, membership drives and pleas for volunteer assistance have been exhausted, and therefore, the board has begun to explore options to preserve the collection for the long term.

A meeting was held with members of the Lackawanna County Historical Society to discuss the preservation of the Dunmore holdings. It was agreed that they would be willing to preserve our “holdings of historical value.” Any proceeds from the sale of the building, and any other monetary assets would be given to the Lackawanna County Historical Society, per the bylaws. While the Dunmore Historical Society is coming to an end, the mission of researching and preserving Dunmore’s history would continue as part of the Lackawanna Historical Society.

Considering this decision, the board is reaching out to members asking them to contact the office to reclaim all artifacts you may have on loan to Dunmore Historical Society by calling 570- 558-1060 to arrange a date to come in to view and reclaim or sign a waiver that will enable the Dunmore Historical Society to transfer or dispose of them.

The board will continue to keep our doors open until June 1, 2022, before closing for good. Current paid-up members of the Dunmore Historical Society would become Lackawanna Historical Society members for the duration of your membership. The board would like to thank everyone for years of support, without you; we would not have had this wonderful opportunity to preserve our town’s history.

Executive committee members are: Michael Williams, president; Phil Sardo, vice president; Cassandra Morelli-Kolatis, secretary, and Dan Schreffler, treasurer.

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