Dunmore Native Reflects on Rams Super Bowl Win

Dunmore native Bill Ciccotti was especially excited about the recent victory of the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl, since he is good friends with Rams Equipment Manager Don Hewitt.

Through the 80s and up to 2003 he helped out on the sidelines with equipment a couple of games a year.  Bill made some great friends along the way, including Jack Snow, Deacon Jones, Jerome Bettis, Kevin Carter, Sean Ledetta, Roman Phiffer, Tom Homco, to name but a few. He also was friendly, but not inner circle, with Kurt Warner.

One time Bill even did an LA opening of Monday Night Football on a podcast from Giants Stadium. Bill has done equipment, held the coaches’ headset wires, and even helped set up video recording cameras on the roof of Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh. 

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