Free Christmas Party Planned for December 2nd

The 20th annual O’Malley Free Drive-through Christmas Party will be held on Sunday, Dec. 12, from 1 to 3 p.m. at McDade Park.

The party will consist of orange drink, GoodFellas pizza, McDonald’s cheeseburger coupon from the Keyser Avenue location, a bag of Utz potato chips, a free children’s meal from the Texas Road House, and coupons for Chuck E. Cheese. Children from preschool through fifth grade are welcome to meet old Saint Nick and DJ Jason Miller.

There will be lots of goodies and a candy cane from Santa Claus. RSVP by Thursday, Dec. 9 by calling 570-346-1828 to leave the number of children attending.

Shown from left: Gene Widdick, Hunter Marcen, Jayme Marcen, Patrick O’Malley, James Barrett, Matt O’Malley, Kieth Oleski, Mary O’Malley-Ruddy, Leo Ruddy, Vanessa Thomas, and Neil Marcen.

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