Dunmore Woman Part of Point Thank You Group

As part of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Lenore Mills of Willow Street, Dunmore, will return as she does every year to commemorate the rescue and recovery workers at Ground Zero.

Lenore served as a volunteer after 9-11 with a grassroots group who stood on the West Side Highway at Christopher Street , New York City, with homemade signs of thanks and encouragement for the rescue and recovery workers from the initial event until the cleanup at Ground Zero was completed in May , 2002. 

The various groups who passed by were members of the New York Police Department, Fire Department of New York, PAPD, EMTs, construction workers, sanitation workers, Red Cross and Salvation Army, and more.

Lenore remembers, “Many times these workers would stop and thank us even though we were thanking them. They also were very emotional and told stories of working on the ‘pile’.

It reminds me of what people have done for healthcare workers the past year.”

Ms. Mills drove every weekend from NEPA to join the group and they return on every 9-11 Anniversary.

Then Governor George E. Pataki at the time designated the area as POINT THANK YOU and a sign was erected at the spot where the group volunteered. Lenore and the others will be there this 9-11 at the same place.

Lenore was just notified that her photographic record of this and other related events surrounding 9-11 are entered into the Greenwich Village archives by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.

Go to www.villagepreservation.org and click on the blog, then scroll to see: 9-11 IN MEMORIAM – Point Thank You

Persons can also go to You Tube to see the Point Thank You Documentary- www.youtube.com Point Thank You.

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