Dunmore Quarterback Showing Leadership as Sophomore 

By Steve Svetovich

Some look at the bottle as half full and others look at it as half empty. 

Take Dunmore sophomore quarterback Thomas Bowen, for instance.

Son of Damon and Alicia Bowen, the Dunmore signal caller knew he had a lot to prove when he was named a starter as a freshman. 

He answered the call and passed for over 400 yards and three touchdowns in the COVID-19 abbreviated five-game season.

“I had to take on a leadership role as a freshman quarterback,” he said. “That is not an easy thing to do as a freshman. I had to earn the respect of all my teammates.”

This season the sophomore stalwart said he feels more confident taking on that leadership role. “As a freshman, learning coverages was a big thing for me. It looks a lot easier this year. And being a leader is much easier as a sophomore. I feel much more comfortable.”

Thomas talked about what it takes to be a successful high school quarterback. “It takes hard work, athleticism, leadership skills and the ability to be coachable,” he said.

He said Dunmore head football coach Kevin McHale taught him a lot. “He tells us we cannot be successful without putting the hard work in. Nothing is handed to you. You need to put the work in with lifting weights and also in the off season.”

Thomas said he is very grateful to his parents. “They taught me about leadership through the way they raised me. They raised me the right way. They tell me to be a big person in the room.”

The hard-working quarterback is also both a small and power forward on the Dunmore basketball team. His best academic subject is math.

His hobbies include bike riding, video games, and lifting weights.

Thomas enjoys listening to music in his spare time and would like to see Kanye West in concert.

However, Dunmore lost its opening game, 20-2, to Western Wayne, Friday, Aug. 27. Thomas completed 8-of-23 passes for 47 yards.

“It was a tough game for us. I am not usually going to be throwing that many passes, but we were behind. We can bounce back from this and we will. We have a lot to build on. A lot of things did not go our way.

He talked about the team goals. “We want to win every game, but one game at a time and step-by-step.”

“We will take one game at a time. We want to win them all, but we can only look at our next opponent.”

Thomas said he is looking forward to a sophomore year where classrooms are filled at Dunmore. “It was hard as a freshman during COVID not having kids in class. The next three years are going to be exciting. It should be a great time in school and with sports at Dunmore. I want to be with my friends and enjoy the experience.”

Thomas said he is unsure about a future major, but his dream is to get accepted to Penn State for college. 

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