Katherine Oven Running for Borough Council

Katherine Mackrell Oven, a founding member of the Friends of Lackawanna, has announced her candidacy for Dunmore Borough Council.

Oven has spent countless hours speaking to local elected officials about why a 50-year expansion is not in the best interest of this area, and she realized the importance of the individuals who serve on local boards, pointing out that the decisions of Dunmore’s Planning Commission, Zoning Board and Borough Council have a direct impact on the daily lives of residents.

As a mother, Oven’s concern is not only for the health and safety of her children, but for all the children in the Borough. Oven realizes that as a private citizen, she can only do so much, which prompted her to run for Council. She wants to do everything in her power to make sure residents are afforded clean air, clean water and a safe place to raise their families.  She believes the members of the Borough Council should have one mission, and that is to represent the best interests of all residents in the Borough. In addition to her concerns about the health of residents, she is also concerned about the finances of the Borough.

According to Oven, the 18 million dollars the Borough received from the Scranton Sewer sale in 2017 has only 4.6 million dollars remaining. In four short years, the borough spent 13.4 million dollars.

“It’s important to have people on Council who are fiscally responsible with our tax dollars,” she points out. “If elected, I will work hard to make sure our tax dollars are being spent reasonably and with transparency. 

“As someone who works in the financial industry, I know how important it is to manage the borough’s taxes and spend those dollars in a responsible way” Oven says. “I humbly ask for your vote on May 18, so I may continue to fight for the wonderful Borough of Dunmore.”

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