Former Commissioner Running for Register of Wills

Patrick O’Malley is running for Register of Wills of Lackawanna County. A former two term Commissioner of Lackawanna County and a former Scranton School Director, his life has been about giving back to the community. 

O’Malley began playing Santa Claus at the age of 13, and has long been a speaker on behalf of women’s rights and on behalf of the Women’s Resource Center. His sister /godmother was a victim of domestic violence when he was 11 years old. 

O’Malley is also the co-director of the “Hook” O’Malley Race Against Cancer”, which is celebrating it’s 29th year, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. 

He’s also the cochairman of the O’Malley Free Holiday events which include Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, and is active in numerous other organizations and charities. 

O’Malley promises that he will working on behalf of the 214,000 citizens as a full time Register of Wills.

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