Honeychild’s Legacy Remains on 100th Block of East Drinker Street

By Steve Svetovich

If you grew up in Dunmore and are over 35, then you knew “Honey.”

That was Mike “Honeychild” Cantarella who died in 1994. 

“Honey” died close to 27 years ago, but his family is making sure his legacy remains alive at 109 East Drinker St., Dunmore, the site for Honeychild’s Bar and Grill. 

It is the same exact site Honey occupied for close to four decades. 

But Honey operated what was called Trouser Outlet, later to be called Shar-Eles Jewelry. The Shar-Eles name was a tribute to his two daughters, Sharee and Michelle. 

Honey sold anything and everything, including suits, pants, jeans, trousers, shirts, socks, watches, belts, all kinds of jewelry and even 8-track tapes.

If you were looking for something, he probably had it. 

And those in Dunmore all knew Honey well. He was a fixture at Dunmore corners.

He was a great conversationalist, street smart and savy. He often wore a fancy, brimmed hat tipped a bit forward. 

And whether it was called Trouser Outlet or Shar-Eles, the regular customers knew it strictly as “Honeychild’s” or “Honey’s.” 

If you were from Dunmore, you knew why. 

Everyone in Dunmore knew Honey. 

After he passed, his family ran the business for a time and leased it out for a few years.

But 10 years ago his daughter, Sharee Cantarella Gentile, decided to renovate the building and turn it into a bar-restaurant. 

She named it “Honeychild’s,” as a dedication to her late dad.

“It’s a fun place,” said Dunmore’s Mike Jones. “The food is great, especially the wings.”

Honeychild’s has two floors, with the second for entertainment. There is an wide bar menu and seven flat screen TVs creating a sports bar atmosphere on the first floor.

The menu includes a large variety of wings, including honey, mild, hot, honey hot, garlic parmesian and the famous boom boom choice. Other menu items include the popular 8-oz. angus burger, a wide variety of fries, pizza, pierogies, calamar, homemade potato chips, the famous pot stickers, butterfly shrimp, chicken tenders, Italian platter, a wide variety of sandwiches and subs, soups and salads, chicken quesadilla, boneless bites and variety of handcrafted burgers. Grub hub is available nightly. 

And Honeychild’s is open seven nights a week. Catering is also available. 

“We try to make it a fun, warm, friendly environment with casual dining,” Sharee said. “Our customers mean a lot to us.” 

Sharee said she usually hires two or three-piece bands for musical entertainment on weekends, although not as much during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We will certainly get back to that soon,” she said. “The second floor is for musical entertainment.”

All social distancing and COVID-19 precautions are strictly followed at Honeychild’s, said Sharee.

“I wanted to continue this as a family business in honor of my dad and that is why we named it, Honeychild’s,” said Sharee. “We wanted it to stay a family business. Everyone in Dunmore knew my dad and I am sure they still think of him when they come in here for a drink and a bite to eat. We want customers to relax and have fun here. We have a wide variety of food. 

“So in honor of my dad, this will always be Honeychild’s.”

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