LOOKING FOR INFORMATION: Italian Restaurant Mystery

Italian Restaurant Mystery newlyweds

Liliana Gemmo, married Melbert Molyneux, at Lackawanna County Courthouse in May of 1961. Afterwards, their best man, Dan McAlpin, shown at left, took them to “the best Italian restaurant” in Dunmore.

Maurice Molyneux of Oakland, CA., is seeking information from our readers. 

His late mother, Liliana, who was from Vicenza, married an American, Melbert Molyneux, at Lackawanna County Courthouse on the morning of May, 1961. Afterwards, their best man, Dan McAlpin, took them to “the best Italian restaurant” in Dunmore. 

Their son is trying to track down what restaurant that might have been, and points to a photograph of the newlyweds posing with their best man at 132 Chestnut St., Dunmore, where they may have parked.

Maurice notes that he was born in an ambulance between Vicenza and Verona and that the family lived in Verona when he was a “piccolo bambino.” 

His father had been in the Army and stationed at Tobyhanna, and he suspects that Dan McAlpin was also into the service. The maid of honor had the name Grace Kelly. 

As to how he knows the location shown in the photograph, he says that written on the back of the photo was the note “Dunmore.”

Italian Restaurant Mystery wedding day photo 00 location 400 Dix Court, Scranton, PA

Another photograph of the newlyweds was taken at 400 Dix Court, north of the Lackawanna County Courthouse in Scranton. Shown from left are: Don McAlpin, best man; Grace Kelly, matron of honor; Liliana Gemmo, bride, and Melbert P. Molyneux, groom.

“I studied the picture and noted that I could see the street ended in a T intersection, and the perpendicular street at the end was at a slight angle, and the lighting was such that the photos were taken facing in a northward angle,” he explains. 

“So I went to Google maps, spotted any potential intersections that matched, then dropped to the street view and ‘walked’ back and forth,” he continues. “I pretty quickly realized it was probably Chestnut Street, and finally spotted the exact building in the background behind them, which still has the same stone pattern on the corner, and you can still see where the drainpipe was back in 1961.”

Molyneux adds that he has done the same thing to figure out where photos were taken in his mother’s home region in Italy. 

If anybody knows what Italian restaurant it might have been, please email The Dunmorean at dpi22news@gmail.com and we will pass information along to Mr. Molyneux.

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